Carbohydrate counting app for diabetics

I am not interested in comprehensive app that one has to enter glucose etc and it’s mostly for weight loss. The only app that only has nutritional information including carbs is Calorie King, but doesn’t include many foods.

Does anyone use a different app for carb counting and feedback

I used MyNetDiary until I switched to Omnipod a few months ago. I preferred MND mostly because of personal preferences/style - but Glooko syncs with Omnipod.
You do pay an annual subscription for MND but there is a free trial periof. Glooko is free.

We use Figwee. I’m pretty happy with it.

I only use calorie king. It is limited if you’re looking beyond the basics (I became painfully aware of this the other night when we got Thai takeout for dinner). Some fast food or supermarket chains have nutrition info on their website (chick fil a has comprehensive ingredient and nutrition labels on their website). My family doesn’t eat out all that often and when we do, I’ve figured out the carb counts for the stuff I usually order. If you know the basic ingredients/carb counts/how they influence your BG it’s relatively easy to guesstimate- rice or chicken salad is going to have roughly the same amount of carbs wherever you get it.