Cartridge filling

I have only been using TSlim x2 for 2 months and am going through some growing pains.
I use about 80 units of insulin per day so I have been trying to fill the cartridge with at least 260 units. I am not always successful. When I get down to about 30 units left in the syringe I get resistance to where I am unable to push through. Almost seems that the cartridge is going to crack.
I have called the help line and watched videos with no success.
Is it actually possible to add over 260 units of insulin to the cartridge?
Thanks for any advice.

Hi @edmundo . I’m not on TSlim anymore but am wondering if your insulin is cold when you fill your cartridge? It’s recommended to use room temperature insulin - cold insulin tends to have more air bubbles and I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing the problem?

No, I have my insulin at room temperature for an hour before filling cartridge.

I usually fill my tandem cartridges with 300 u and use them until they’re empty. When filling the last 50 or so units I do experience quite a bit more resistance. Not sure why. But not so much that I think the cartidge is going to explode!
Have you pulled as much air out of the cartidge as possible prior to filling it with insulin? Maybe that would help?
I’m not really sure why there’s so much resistance. I usually just force the insulin into the cartridge despite the resistance and haven’t had a cartridge explode or break on me yet.

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@edmundo thanks for clarifying. A couple of suggestions:

  1. Call your Tandem trainer or your endo’s Diabetes Care and Education Specialist) and ask if they would observe while you fill - they might have helpful feedback.
  2. Call tech support. They might be able to help but I put this second because they may be reading from a scripted resoonse which might or may not be helpful.
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