College Dorm Accomodations

My daughter is running into issues getting dorm room accommodations at college. The school is being extremely difficult and giving my daughter the run around from through each department. Has anyone dealt with this and can provide recommendations?

Hi @krick33 welcome to Breakthrough T1D. There is a College Diabetes Network as part of the ADA you can try looking here It’s been a minute since I went to college and I did not ask for any specific accommodations. Testing accommodations would be my first thought. The ability to test and adjust during exams would be a good thing to have. Good luck :shamrock:


Thanks Joe,

Did you receive any type of room accommodations because of meds and devices?

Hi @krick33 , I didn’t ask for and never received housing accommodations. I had scripts to carry and have syringes and so, in the day, my meds and devices were my business. I didn’t really need anything special. If you don’t mind my asking, what sort of accommodation does she need? I did have a mini fridge with some snacks but everyone had a mini fridge in the day.

I graduated college in 1982 - i didn’t start doing fingersticks until a little after that, and was on injections until the mid 1990s. Never thought about doing or needing anything special - food was allowed in the dorms soil always had snacks available, and I let my roommates know what low looked like and what to do.
That said, here’s a discussion on the topic that I remember reading a while back: dorm accommodations are only a small part but you might find it helpful:

I forgot to ask - what kind of accommodations are you looking for? A single room? Ability to have food in the room?

We were looking for a single room in a 2 room suite. She had issues last year with roommate and visitors messing with her fridge and meds. We figured a full on single room would be too much an ask so opted for a single room in a suite.

What’s shame. I didn’t have issues with roommates messing with my stuff. I let them knew to leave my insulin bottle in the fridge and told them to ask before using my juices or snacks because I might need them. It’s a shame she didn’t have ones who respect that. Maybe she’ll meet some other Type1s on campus and they could live together in the future.