Competent Medicare mail order pharmacy?

I have given up on Byram Health as being competent enough to fill my mail order supplies for a Tandem Tslim TruSteel infusion sets. Does anyone use a supply company for DME?

my pump supplies are filled under pharmacy, not DME. check your policy… how can something that lastst 2 to 3 days be DME? I use express scripts, or walgreens, recent changes to my policy makes my copay the same.

From various comments I’ve read, experience with DME providers can go either way. I don’t know if location matters but I’m in the DMV.
With that in mind, I’ve used Edgepark almost exclusively for my mail order needs (only Dexcom now but I did get my TSLIM supplies with them when I used that pump). I did try Home Care Delivered briefly but went back to Edgepark.

When an insurance company or medicare says a disposable single use item is covered under the DME portion of your policy.

@tahdah793 I hope you can find a company that is in network for your insurance plan that sells the infusion sets that work best for you. I have to use Edgepark for one item and each reorder takes at least 3 phone calls and an escalation. I prefer to use Minipharmacy. Despite their name they are a DME vendor. If your insurance company’s in network search is as bad as mine their zip code is 90021.

If you have been with Byram for a couple of years you definitely should review how your insurance plan covers infusion sets, current copays for pharmacy vs DME, etc. No reason to hunt down a DME company if you could pay less through a pharmacy.

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agreed. in my defense it was a rhetorical question =)

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Well this depends on if you have Medicare Advantage (Scam) or Medicare with a Supplement. I have the latter and I can get pump supplies from anyone that sells them. Medicare itself has no provider limits. I get mine from Medtronic, no middleman. Medicare Advantage is commercial insurance with limits, deductibles, networks and they are scamming taxpayers out of billions a year. I highly recommend regular Medicare with a Type G supplement.

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I am using Byram for my Dexcom supplies. They have always been very good and I always receive my supplies on time.

My most recent sensor order was placed a couple of days ago and I got a text message with the tracking details: I haven’t paid much attention to the shopping company in the post but this time they selected Lasership. Lasership serves the eastern and midwestern portions of the United States so I was surprised to see the blurb International shipment arrived at the destination country. Dexcom has manufacturing facilities in Mesa, AZ and Malaysia (Wikipedia). Details only show transit from NJ to MD but I do wonder if my order actually originated overseas and if delays in receiving equipment are due to that? Not to make excuses - suppliers should adjust their processes to ensure timely delivery - but it is something to keep in mind.

I use CCS Medical for my pump supplies on Medicare, and Solara for my Dexcom supplies on Medicare. They ship a 90-day-supply every three months. It is easier for me to keep track of which I am ordering by using two different suppliers, but they are both fine.