Dexcom Follow on smartwatch?

Hello everyone! First post here, and am hoping for some suggestions based on experience. My son was recently diagnosed, and we are searching for watches compatible with the follow app. I have found several that share the G6 data, but I can’t find a solid answer for us when we are not with him.

I know apple watches will, but that will not work for us. I have done all the tricks and tips to use our Samsung watches, but none have worked. It looks like the Fitbit Versa3 works with Dexcom, but I don’t know if that’s only with cgm data or if the follow app will work. Does anyone use a non applewatch to monitor data via dexcom follow?

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I don’t use Dexcom Follow nor a watch so I can’t give first-hand recommendation. The following Dexcom link has all compatible devices.

I appreciate it Dennis! I saw the same page, but it doesn’t include watches. I am grateful for your help though!

This blurb was at the bottom, underneath the list of devices.

For Dexcom Follow app, any device may be used as long as it meets the following minimum OS:
*iOS 13.0 *
Android OS 9.0

Here’s a link to devices that use that system, including Samsung watches. List of Wear OS devices - Wikipedia

Thanks! I just bought a Versa 3, I’ll update when I get it set up for anyone looking for a device to do the same.

Hello @Joshwfl and welcome. Hey just out of personal curiosity, you are looking for a watch so you can follow his blood sugar? You do know he will need a phone on his person running Dexcom right? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Not a dumb question! He has a phone and we use follow on our phones. My wife can’t have her phone out checking all day at work, so she needs a watch that will work with follow.

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The watch/phone duo apps for droids won’t work well according to most posts here, Facebook, and Tudiabetes dot org. If you want reliability, Apple is what works.

One other important item to explore is school. Does your lad have a §504 plan to protect him at school?

He does. We moved from Fl to IL last week, so he’s at a new school…but we are comfortable with the staff and their level of awareness. He is also very mature for his age and stays on top of his numbers. Of course as parents, we will continue to worry.

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So apparently you might need xdrip or nightscout to get this to work but lookup Fitbit sentinel. I found this You might need 3rd party software like xdrip to get Samsung watches to work too. Good luck.

I tried Xdrip on our Samsung with poor results.

For anyone looking to use the Dexcom Follow app on a watch, the Fitbit Versa 3 is working perfectly! Its a simple setup, the only download required is the “glance” watchface from the fitbit store. The watch updates exactly the same as it does on the phone its linked to. Its perfect for a parent that doesn’t want to be pulling a phone out all day for updates and alerts.

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Thanks for the discussion… very helpful for newcomers that aren’t part of the apple ecosystem!

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I was able to use this link:

to get readings via Dexcom Share on my Garmin Vivoactive 3.
It’s an older tracker so I’m ok with the strike through line for now on both the Dex CGM Watch Face and the Dex CGM Widget. I’m less than 24 hours in so it’s early to decide which option I’ll stick with and how it will impact battery life of my devices.