Dexcom G7 — where can it be worn?

Hi, with Dexcom and Tandem having announced that G7 is integrated with Tandem TSlim pump, I’ve been reading in more detail in prep for potential switch of a 16-year old, from G6 to G7.

Dexcom website G7 write -ups note that the G7 wear locations are “ages 2-6: back of upper arm and upper buttocks; ages >7: back of upper arm” and then cite a research paper , commenting that the data in the paper support the back of the upper arm as the preferred placement for G7.

I’ll be asking our endocrinologist, but …. Does anyone so far have an older child / young adult / adult using G7 on the upper buttocks ? If so, are you finding satisfactory performance ? I am trying to figure out if this wear location recommendation for the G7 is a “must do” or if it is more of a recommendation / suggestion. In addition, I’m not sure why upper buttocks is fine up to age 6, then drops out of the picture at age 7 and beyond. Not sure how well my 16-year-old will tolerate a sensor on the back of the arm; he does well on G6 on upper buttocks as long as it is an out-of-sight type situation.

I looked at the research paper that was cited by Dexcom (paper also is authored by Dex) and best as I can see, the paper only compares arm and abdomen placement data, I can’t find any upper buttocks data (we can insert a few jokes there at a later date….)

Thank you for any info anyone can supply.

@RMcM I use g7 on the back of my arms as recommended and it works fine. I am sure that trial-and-error may allow you to experiment with different locations but the company version of the instructions would be back of arms.

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If he uses Omnipod it complicates the issue on where to place it so that it communicates with Omnipod. Otherwise yes trial and error, but I have seen many teenagers in Disney with sensors on back of upper arm. I tried myself on inside the forearm and had no issues, but everyone is different. The upper buttocks can be painful sometimes.

In my experience, you can wear the Dexcom anywhere it can communicate with your pump and is comfortable.

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Can the G7 be worn on the abdomen? I find a sensor on the back of arm gets itchy.

Hi All, Thanks , everyone , for the helpful remarks. Appreciate the input.

From what I’ve read on the Dexcom site, you can wear it on either the back of your upper arm, or on your belly/abdomen. The reports I read say that they have found the upper arm to be most accurate, but I have heard people say that the abdomen is good for them.

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