Help with cost of G6 sensors?

Our 10 year old son was diagnosed in October 2018. Since then our insurance started over on January 1st and instead of paying 20% of the cost we are back to square one with a $3,250 deductible to meet. Dexcom quoted this morning that 1 box of sensors (3 per box, a one month supply) will cost $365. He is unaware of his highs and lows so we feel like a cgm is a necessity. Does anyone know if there are any programs to help offset the up front cost of the sensors? I checked Costco and I would only save about $50 per month and it wouldn’t apply to our deductible. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

@Jammers33 hi Jamie, the short answer is I don’t think so.

you can look at this link from our own JDRF:

good luck

I’ve had issues with the insurance co. Not wanting to pay for DME supplies such as dexcom sensors. You may want to check into Medtronic insulin pump therapy, which includes their own sensors and my insurance actually is covering all of it at no cost to me. Check w your insurance co. I know some pharmaceutical companies may be help you pay for medications such as insulin, etc but none for DME supplies such as pump supplies, sensors and test strips. Good luck.

Hi, so im currently researching costs of this therapy myself but ive seen GoodRx coupon that will knock that sensor cost down to $189/month. Hope this helps.

Can you buy them in another country and get them shipped maybe - cost in the UK is GBP150 a month, which is about $180 ish? Even with the shipping it might be cheaper (if Dex will let you do it). Also worth looking at a yearly contract with dexcom - might be cheaper?

@cpitcher123 Be wary of what things like GoodRX promise. I’ve tried taking their coupons to various pharmacies and the promised rates have NOT been what they state. I’m not saying don’t try them, just be wary the promised rates may be a “come on” to be you to try them.

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