Infusion sets not working for very long

I switched to the Tandem T-Slim last April after almost 20 years of using old Medtronic Paradigms with Quikset infusion sets. I’ve now tried every single set they have, and, rarely, has any set worked for more than 8 to 12 hours. I finally began using TruSteels, because I could easily remove and reinsert them if push came to shove. My educator strongly believes that my insertion aeas need a good test, and I’m now using MDIs. I’m on Medicare, so I now have significant copays for the pens. I’m not sure that I like the Tandem pump, and am thinking of trying to return it. Apparently, it doesn’t become mine under Part B until 13 months have passed. Has anyone else successfully returned their pump??? I really welcome feedback on any of the above issues!

You’ve probably already done this but have you checked the cannula length? They’re generally available in 6mm and 9mm lengths.

Yes, thanks. Tandem sent me an assortment of sets with all cannula lengths to experiment with. My other problem is that my blood vessels are very close to the surface of my skin.

Your pump rep should be able to answer your question about returns - apologies for missing your actual question.
Keep us posted!
To save a little on costs check GoodRx for prices of pens: enter your location and the item you need, and it will show you process at different pharmacies in the area - they can vary greatly. GoodRx sometimes has coupons you can use. Below is a screenshot of Aspartame flexpens at a location in CA.

Pens are convenient but vials are cheaper, although you would need to buy the syringes. Some people re-use then if they are comfortable and feel it is safe for them to do so.

PS ( yes, I’m baaack!) - have you tried using your Minimed sets with your Tandem pump? I found this on a website called testguessandgo dot com. Not a known resource for information but it might provide something to look into.

Some infusion sets are interchangeable between different brands of insulin pumps, and may be able to save you money. You should check your pump for compatibility before making any purchase.

The key word above is “some” and I found a Reddit discussion from about a year ago where some said they mixed and matched but it cannot be done with every type of set. Links can be funny so I replaced the dots and “. com” with words instead.
https://wwwdotredditdot com/r/diabetes_t1/s/VgZ1oDYigY
Hopefully you kept a few Minimed sets before switching over to see if they’re compatible. If not, and you need to try a different style - when I used a tubed pump my physician wrote my infusion set order so I could select whatever style set I wanted. I don’t know if that works across brands as far as insurance, but it might: with special authorization from your physician demonstrating sufficient cause, insurances will consider medications that have dropped off their formulary. That might work with infusion sets too.

I thought about returning it. Like you I was on mechanic for years. Tandem is the only pump, or was, that couples with the Dexcom cgm.

Omnipod5 pairs with Dexcom and they’re is no commitment if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you.