Insulin glargine any difference?

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I recently made a post on my first freestyle libre pro, 4 days ago i went to the clinic to get it removed and my doctor told me that it only lasted for seven days though it didn’t fell out but it has 7 days reading only!

After randomization i was eligible to use insulin glargine so i switched from lantus to glargine. I never used that so i had some questions here👇🏻

Most of people use the same syringe until it get dumb I’ve passed through manufacturer note of insulin glargine they says to remove needle after each injection And never store the pen with needle???

Did you notice any difference in blood sugar management from other insulin formulation??

Insulin glargine and episodes of hypos?
Any opinion will be appreciated :pray:

Hi @Ibrah. I can’t answer your question about Glargine (Lantus) but regarding re-using needles, here’s a link to a discussion from a few months ago.

When I was on injections many years ago I re-used the needle with no problem. It did get painful after several uses and at that point I switched to a new one. Infections for me were not a problem but if they are for you I suggest you use a fresh one each time or at least be sure to use some alcohol to clean it first.


Infection has never been a problem to me since then.
Thanks for the link i found some helpful informations!

Insulin glargine is the generic version of Lantus. It should work reasonably the same as Lantus in all aspects. Good luck @Ibrah

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Like Dorie, when I was on injections, I sometimes reused needles, particularly when traveling. I found they were good for about two reuses (so three uses total) before it felt like the needle was poking into the skin rather than gliding. I learned that the needles have a lubricant on them that gets worn off with repeated use which I was told was part of the problem with reusing them.

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