Ketone test kit

I don’t actually remember. But I do eat out a lot and sometimes underestimate the carbs.

And by high, what kind of numbers? I have yet to eat out AT ALL since diagnosis (early December) because I don’t want to just guess :neutral_face:

Between 230 and 245. It hasn’t happened since. I’m still learning myself it’s only been 2 1/2 years for me.

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Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it.

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Hi Dorie,
I hope you’re feeling better soon! My computer fell leaving me frustrated that I couldn’t reply sooner.

I don’t need to test for ketones very often so I’m about to toss yet another expired box of expired urine test strips (Ihate wasting my money like that :angry:!). So far I’ve always used the trips you pee on and compare to a chart but am thinking of moving into the 21st century and investing in a blood ketone meter.
The Precision brand was mentioned a few times (@Grumpy, @bsteingard, @dbmccarthy68 - and sorry if I missed anybody) and comments were positive. I would just like to know if the strips are individually wrapped, and if so does that mean they last longer?
@HopeFloats2020 I’m finally following in your footsteps. Which one did you go with, and how do you like it
I’m open to other recommendations - left a message with my doctor’s office but have yet to hear back. Also has anyone tried the ketone “breathalyzer” and is it accurate for our purposes, or is it just for ketosis for those who follow a keto diet?

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The ketone test strips are individually wrapped, but I don’t remember how the expiration date compares to the urine strips. I did appreciate that they come in packs of 10, though. It didn’t seem like I was wasting as many.


I looked to see the dates on my strips and found that there weren’t any left. You might want to check the cost of the strips because they aren’t cheap and I can’t remember how long the expiration dates tend to be…I did like it though.

Thank you for the suggestion - much appreciated.

I’m in the same boat as @wadawabbit, I’ve actually never used ketone strips of any sort. I talked with my Endo about them once after being ill an having relatively high BGs; his comment was that with the relatively good controls I normally have I shouldn’t be concerned about ketone testing, and they and their meter equivalents were an expense I didn’t need to take with the minimal risk.

I rarely test for ketones; and thankfully if I do have any they are typically very low. I test if I’m sick (which thankfully is rare) or my numbers are very high and elevated for too long - thankfully I’m usually able to get them down in a few hours on my own (it’s like watching paint dry!).
I decided to get a meter because the starter quantity of strips - typically 10 - should last me a while and keep me from wasting them. And I did find one that sells strips in quantities of 10 rather than 50 or more.

Hi all. Just wanted to share a word of thanks for sharing you ketone meter recommendations. Precision Xtra was mentioned a few times so I was going to get that one but they don’t have it in Amazon - only the strips(!), so I went with one by KetoSens instead. Have yet to use it and how I won’t need it any time soon but when I do I’ll try to remember to post.
I saw my endo the day after it came (great visit - TIR was about 80%) and told her about my new acquisition. She was not familiar with meters that measure ketones in blood so she said she would check into it.