Old vaccine helps protect T1Ds against COVID

Massachusetts General conducted a study that indicates an old anti-tuberculosis vaccine called BCG protects Type 1 diabetics against all COVID strains better than the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines do. Of course, one study does not provide certainty, but the study comes from a reputable source. I don’t know what the availability of the BCG vaccine is. My research indicates that it is widely used in foreign countries but is no longer recommended in the US because so few people have tuberculosis.

Here is a link to Mass General’s press release:

Here is a link to the full paper published in a medical journal:


I have sent the information to my doctor to ask whether the vaccine is available and whether I should take it if it is available. (I just ask my doctors questions–I don’t pretend to know the answers.)

I think it would be helpful if as many T1Ds start asking their doctors questions about the paper. The more questions are asked, the more likely it is that the authorities will give further consideration as to whether the vaccine should be made available to protect T1Ds against COVID and to get the vaccine made if it really is helpful.