Omnipod 5 apprehension

Hello! I apologize I searched and did some sifting but just am hear to seek some ideas on O5. I was on the Eros since 2011 and instead of going to Dash, I got the PA to have O5(dash also required one so I decided to go all in). I’m still winding down my eros stash but I am literally beyond nervous to try automation mode. All I’ve heard is how terrible it is if you have tight control (my a1c has been in the 5s for almost 3 years). I’m okay with my a1c going up a bit as I’m in the middle of wedding planning and not thinking about diabetes as much would be great, but i’m nervous I’m going to have to babysit the system so my A1C doesn’t go up too much.

Is there a certain area I can look at on here to get tips on how to make the algorithm work better for me?

It is nice seeing you again, Taylor @Tee25 and best wishes for your wedding and for a long, loving marriage.

I haven’t used any of the OmniPod devices, but several users of the OmniPod5 have shared, both on-line and in person, how wonderfully these Pods in auto-mode have helped improve time-in-range and reduce unwanted “lows”. If your wedding is still a few weeks away, it may be beneficial for you to make the change soon and become comfortable with the 5 and let it do its thing holding your diabetes steady before and after your wedding. With a big smile, we all know that there won’t be any stress to throw off your diabetes :grinning:

As far as A1c, that %, and yours are wonderful and going up a bit is okay, is only a reflection of your overall good management; don’t let that cause you worry. My doctor recently told me she liked that I got mine up to 5.7.

Keep in mind you can always use Manual mode instead of auto until you’re feeling more confident about switching. You do have to have good basal rates in place but it sounds like that’s already the case.
I’ve only used the Omnipod5 but as I understand it the Dash is the same as the 5 in manual mode. You’re doing so well as things are, it’s there a reason you’re switching to the 5 instead of the Dash?

I wanted to try automation and was torn between doing tandem or O5. But ultimately for me, the wireless part is how I prefer to pump. I really want to give it a shot because while I definitely have a pretty good grasp on how to effectively manage everything, my monthly cycles is so hard specifically the week after ovulation before pms. No matter what I try during this week, I spend so much of my time low. I haven’t found a basal rate or IC that’s been effective at really helping me manage that week. It’s like I’m low 5 times a day or I’m going to high from being less aggressive with basal or ICs. I also am someone who could benefit from an algorithm overnight. I definitely have my basal dialed in but that one week I usually have to get up multiple times to correct it and i’m pooped :joy:

I think my plan right now is to do basal testing when my cycle restarts (next week) and then double check to see how dialed in it is and giving it a shot from there! I just really want to avoid a burnout period and I’m starting to notice that I’m getting there a little bit but not fully if that makes sense.

Thanks for sharing, and I wish you all the best with finding good basal rates for that time of the month. Another option - although you understand prefer a tubeless pump - is the iLet bionic pancreas. I’m planning to make the switch once it’s covered by my insurance, and one forum member is on it and is very happy with her results.

One question - I commend you on your A1c’s and understand you want to keep things tight especially for your upcoming pregnancy, but have you discussed with your doctor raising your A1c/overall readings a bit? If you’re having periodic issues with lows (no pun intended) maybe a slightly higher number would be better and still keep you healthy? I am not a medical professional but I recall when tight control first “became a thing” there were reports of diabetics being hospitalized with lows they had previously been able to manage on their own. High numbers are not good, but of course neither is being unconscious: maybe there’s a goal a little higher than you have now that will keep you heathy as well as safe?

I’d love to talk to the person on iLet. I am going to try it when my CIQ warranty is up on 1/25. I’m trying Omnipod 5 now and it is definitely working better for me than CIQ, but I would like to compare.
Thanks Dorie!

When I looked up the iLet online the first time there was a link to click to get information. I completed a form and was contacted by a rep not long after. I’m waiting for it to fall under my insurance formulary - I thought it did but not yet☹️.

Kathy @hanavank, the iLet has some wonderful possibilities and actually was tied at #1 on my list for a new pump until I read some reviews and had spoken with users; it then dropped to #3 because it appeared to be a “no fit” for my lifestyle. Among other bits, this is what fell into the “CON” column:

  1. While averaging more than 230+ grams of carbohydrates I eat daily, my insulin usage with CIQ is 22 units or less - the iLet might tend to elevate my risk of hypoglycemia; which I have avoided for years/decade; and maintain TIR 90%.
  2. Users report “success” with iLet when the device is used only part-time - meaning it is removed during exercise. I want a full-time device attached to me that is removed only when going in water or changing Cartridge; my t-Slim has me spoiled by having "effective exercise mode and ability to set basal rate to 0.0 uph which effectively blocks bolus correction.

We all are different and I still think this device is first rate for other people; and I’m wanting the real Beta Bionics device. A point of interest, a few months ago, an Endocrinologist called me in for consultation with a patient who was trying to select a replacement; when I got to know him, his lifestyle, I recommended that he get the iLet.

P.S.: On January 11th my five year Tandem warranty expired - the next day, my order was opened for a new t-Slim with version 7.8 CIQ software to be delivered “soon” - I’m ready and waiting!

Hi Doris!

I hope your insurance coverage is soon! I talked to the local iLet trainer a couple of weeks ago and it sounds pretty great. The office staff is looking into insurance coverage - we’ll see as I’m on Medicare and a supplement. It is hard to imagine how only with our weight, a system can figure everything out, but there is a 90d trial period where you can return it if its not working out. In the meantime, the Omnipod is working really well so I would be happy to stick with it, unless iLet is superior. I love the idea of not having to count carbs….


Keep me posted on your progress. I’m going to keep checking my formulary to see if it changes - you never know!

Thanks Dennis!! I have use CIQ for as long as it has been available and have my issues with it. I’m now trying Omnipod 5 and my control is better with minimal lows and way less highs. I have my concerns about iLet, but pleased to know that if I don’t like it, I can return within 90d. Where did you see the reviews on iLet; I would love to read those and get their feedback if possible. I exercise a lot 6-7days/week, so that is a concern as I don’t know how it can modulate basal unless I exercise at the same time every day with the same intensity, etc. With CIQ, have to use a different profile with much reduced basal, I:C and CF as exercise mode makes me run higher than I like.

How in the heck can you eat 230+ carbs and use only 22u?? You must exercise a lot too and be pretty lean as well as super insulin sensitive. I eat about 130 gms and use about 21u daily with TIR around 90% too.

What does the new CIQ upgrade get us? Great on the quickness of your new pump. Are you on Medicare by chance?

"Real Beta Bionics” - you mean with glucagon too?

Thanks much!!


Will do! I know your name is Dorie and I think spell check changed it to Doris - sorry about that! Kathy

Yes! I’m actually totally fine with my a1c going up. The problem with that week fir me is all logic goes out the window. My normal ICs are 1:9 and 1:11 but that week I could need that or I could need 1:17. It’s actually insane and really hard to pinpoint. I’ve tried tracking my cycle, making lighter basal profiles and being proactive with insulin to carb changes and either I tank for hours after a meal(which is why I assume IC) or I spend hours high. I would love an a1c in the low to mid 6s where I know it’s safe when the time comes to concieve and to be able to safely lower it but not dealing with lows as much.

Kathy @hanavank, I’ll try to answer all your questions; let me know if I miss something or if you want me to expand my response.

There are “iLet Topics” in this Forum Category you can access using search - interesting reading; I also ran into users at JDRF gathering.

I too have been using CIQ since it became available and the only “real low” I’ve experienced [other than compression low false readings] was caused by my error of leaving off a decimal point for added bolus before removing my pump and sliding into an MRI tube; I have had a few full anesthesia surgeries where I keep my pump operating and have awakened up 90 minutes later at about a very safe 120 - 140 mg/dl.

As far as eating and using very little insulin, it has not always been that way, just in the past 15 years or so; back in the olden days with U-80 insulin I needed to sometimes load the syringe two times to get in what I needed. My BMI is just a fraction over 20 [doctor congratulated me recently on being able to gain 2 whole pounds] and these days, 80s now, I’m cutting back exercise, mostly just walking 4 miles 6 days each week. For my walks, if I remember, I activate exercise mode an hour before walking and sip Gatorade - 25 gm carbs - every walk and carry a pack of PB crackers and granola bar in case of need. Now that I’ve cut our long morning bike rides, weekends working on the farm, and gym afternoons, I no longer need specific Profiles i I only activate exercise modes no matter what time of day that I walk; although my walk usually ends just before lunch and most days my lunch bolus is extended to prevent a sudden SG drop while my body recovers.

Yes, I have an UHC Medicare Advantage Choice Plan. Highest monthly premium permitted by regulation, but definitely the yearly lowest cost for me.

Added features of latest t-Slim OS [you can upgrade your in-warranty pump through the site] include:

  • Compatibility with G6, G7, Libre2 sensors;
  • Ability to set shutoff for exercise mode which can now be user selected between 30 minutes up to 8 hours;
  • Choice of 4 length of time for manual insulin suspend;
  • Different pump tones for Alarm, Alert, and Information;
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No worries😊.

One of my first questions for the rep was, What do you do about exercise? and he said it was something they are working on (you’d think that would be one of the first things they programmed in, wouldn’t you?). I’ll let you discuss that with your rep as well - there may be updates or anticipated dates.
Here’s a link to a thread on the iLet, with feedback from gmershon, a forum member is actually on it!

Thanks Dennis! It is so nice to have folks on this forum to confer with! I didn’t’ find much when I searched iLet.