Strange fluctuations

I am new to the group and been on a tandem pump with iq control for about three weeks. Prior to that I’ve been on an old Medtronic pump for many years. While I am super excited about the new numbers with the new pump. I had a twenty minute episode I can’t explain or figure out. Over a thirty minute span my bs dropped from 93mg/dl down to lower than 44 in 16 minutes and then back up to 93. Like I said 30 minute time span. I am leaning towards faulty data with Dexcom but am wondering if any has other thoughts

Were you by any chance lying on your sensor? If so you may have had a compression low - there are some discussions about it on the forum if you do a search for the term.
Also the G6 can give some people false low readings for the first 24 hours street insertion - after that it tends to settle in.
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First two weeks

That could be it since I switch from side to side throughput the night. Wasn’t a new sensor as it’s closer to the end of the ten days. I tried to upload my clarity reports. Haven’t figured that out yet. So 95 % of the time in range. With gmi estimating to be 6.2. Standard deviation of 29 and coefficient of variation of 23.7. I couldn’t have dreamed of better numbers!!

I have the Clarity app on my iphone. At the bottom of the screen I select Reports, then the number of days and the one/s I want to run. From there I select View Reports and wait. When done I select Send (arrow at the bottom of the screen) to p print or send it.
Is that what you’re looking for?

I’m not sure I’m able to pull them up just wasn’t able to post them on here

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To me, that sounds like a Compression Low, caused by enough pressure on the sensor/transmitter to mess up the tiny embedded wire; it can be caused by sleeping on it or as simply as clothing pressing on it. It has happened to me while doing abdomen strengthening exercises.

When it happens to me during sleeping, I’m a side sleeper, I relax lay on my back and give it 10 - 15 minutes to get back to normal; avoid eatingv to reverse a “low”". It is easy to determine that it is a compression low by observing readings over the last half hour - several SG [sensor glucose] readings.

BTW, tour 95% TIR [time-in-range] looks good; now the thing to watch is your standared deviation.

Thanks for the information. I’ve just started trying to pay more attention to the standard deviation along variation of coefficient. So it has been a learning curve. In the 90 day report standard deviation was 58 and the variation of coefficient was 39.6. So so far already there has been major progress

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Thank you I that I might be able to share with my phone. Don’t have a computer at this time. Thank you for the information.

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@all4Jesus70 all4Jesus70 - Like the others here have said, that sounds like a compression low. Did you check your BG with a meter during this “low”? That would confirm our suspicions, if it happens again!

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I have my g6 on my arm. I bought a arm band with a pocket for the tandem pump. It’s strapped on very close to my sensor. So far so good. No losing contact between the two as I sleep, side or back. As good a this all is I am reminded every so often that just not an exact science. Your time in range is somthing to be envied. Have a day.