Supplements to lower BG

Has anyone ever tried Glucocil? Type 2 diabetics swear by it, but of course I couldnt find but one other person who uses it that’s type 1. Has anyone tried this? It says it can be used with medication but insulin will lower BG and I’m assuming the supplement can make you drop too low if used at a high dosage.

Hi @KayD . I can’t answer your question but it did make me recall an article I read a few weeks ago in the Washington Post:

Generally speaking, supplements are not as tightly related as other medications so what’s in the bottle may or may not be precisely what’s on the label. My husband is from West Africa and is a big proponent of using natural herbs and spices rather than supplements, which have additives mixed in. Natural things - such as cinnamon and mulberry leaf which are listed on the label - help control glucose levels, and might work for you on their own.
People often take supplements thinking they are an easy and healthful way to get needed vitamins and minerals, only to find out later that there was some danger in the formulary. And some think because it’s a supplement and not a drug per se, that more = better. I don’t know if that’s the case here - this one may be quite safe and do all it says and more, but proceed with caution and don’t exceed the dosing instructions - that could be dangerous and not just with regard to your blood sugar.