Tennis matches!

I’m a 15-year-old who recently joined my high school tennis team. I practice 2 hours a day and have a singles match once a week. I’ve noticed my blood sugar really dropping after practices and matches; I’ve tried to cover for it and it’ll spike for a while and then I’ll wake up low during the night. It’s been kind of a roller-coaster.
Anyone have any tips for controlling bg during the tennis season? Snacks to bring on the court, etc?

Hey! I’m Maria, I’m also 15 and I also play tennis on my high school team! I totally understand! My practice is also two hours, I have it in the morning, so I eat, but cut back on the carbs by about 10 carbs. I also have a cgm that’ll tell me durning tennis if I’m getting to a point where I’m heading up or going down, so that’s reallllllly helpful. On the court I always have Gatorade, and glucose tabs! I hope this helped a little!

Hey Maria! Thanks so much for your advice!! I don’t have a CGM (it does seem like that would be super helpful) but Gatorade is a great idea. I’ll give it a try! :slight_smile: