Transportation accommodations HELP

I know this is probably not a common problem but I find I am unable to remove accommodations. My daughter is in 3rd grade, diagnosed at 4. Since starting kindergarten she has been on a mini with a nurse. At her IEP meeting for next year my doctor and I wanted her to ride the big bus with a shortened ride on her own on the way home and keep her accommodations in the morning. They are telling me that they do not have to and will basically never provide an accommodation on a big bus. Any child with disability who requires an accommodation must receive it on a mini bus. I tried a resolution meeting, mediation and am no going to impartial hearing with the school. I had my prehearing conference yesterday and their doctor has determined it is not safe for her although her doctor says it is. They will not train the driver on the big bus in emergency glucagon even though their was a class action lawsuit last year in which the parents won, where the judge determined that all drivers who have a child with T1D must be trained. The school’s lawyer tried to even tell the impartial hearing officer that she didn’t have jurisdiction to rule on this. She disagreed and we go to impartial hearing in one week. Any suggestions? Her endo is not available to testify as they set the date. They are calling their doctor as a witness.

Hello @jjemo5 I wish I had more or better information for you. If the school is providing the accommodation, but they only do so on a specific bus, in my opinion, it might be difficult to make the school do something else. You can try to postpone the meeting until your endocrinologist can attend, they can’t really make a decision without you (part of the health care team and vital to the IHP) so a postponement until the endocrinologist can be there might be available to you - you can try the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) they may have support in your area or the DRNY (disability rights, New York) if you look them up there may be additional support you can seek.

Given the results of the class action lawsuit I would think the school would be required to comply. They may be digging in, in the hope you as a layperson will back down, so you might want to hire a disability attorney so you will be “evenly matched.” My sister is developmentally disabled and we have a law firm that specializes in disability law: I can message you their info if you like - I don’t know where you are but we/they are in DC. If location is an issue they may be able to recommend a firm closer to you.