TSlim Update To G7 and Freestyle

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Want to share this good news for all who are waiting…just got an email from Tandem + Dexcom G7 Integration. The “limited launch” with software update will begin this week!

Yeppie!! :slight_smile:


Awesome news!

Can’t wait for iLet to announce support for G7. The good news there is they are actively working on it!

Yay! I can’t wait to try the G7! :slight_smile:

It’s out already. I think a week now. Software update for the pump and then you can use G7. Did you check the device updater? I am just reiterating what I’ve heard, sorry if it’s wrong

This is the announcement: from Tandem (Link)

Yes, the t-Slim update came out a few days ago, and mine installed quite easily before I received the notification from Tandem. My update appeared on my Tandem Portal and I waited three days until my Cartridge neared empty before installing the update. Installation requires installation of a fresh Cartridge.

I received my 90 day supply of G6 last week, so added to my on-hand supply I won’t begin G7 very soon - I’m okay with that, having heard of some issues with G7 I’m comfortable waiting until the issues are solved. I do like, and have tried, the other software changes.

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Wondering if anyone has actually made the transition from G6 to G7, using the Tandem pump. I have installed the new software on my pump and waiting on a new prescription from my supplier. I am hoping the transition is seamless–haven’t heard about any “issues” with it yet.

Tandem announces integration with Freestyle Libre 2


Elizabeth @elizabethm, the pump software to CIQ 7.7 went very smoothly for me - no problems. The CIQ 7.8 was released over the weekend, which I don’t plan to install on my current t-Slim, was posted as available on my Tandem source last night
If you are planning to use the G7 or Libre2-Plus, check toe supply box for pump compatibility; Not all G7 and Libre2 are compatible with Tandem.

The simple reasons for not upgrading my pump is because I was told last month by Tandem that my new pump - to be delivered after the Medicare 5 year-warranty, will arrive loaded with version 7.8; apparently I “passed” the oral quiz. The new User Manual is also posted on Tandem.

Thanks, Dennis.
I updated to the 7.7 software on my Tandem pump last week. I’ve been using the Dexcom G6 with my Tandem pump. I understood from everything I’ve read on the Dexcom website, and from my provider and supply company, that the G7 will now be compatible with my Tandem pump, What do you mean that all G7 are not compatible with tandem?

Hey, Dennis. Thanks for the heads up on the two types of G7. I did a little digging and learned, as you said, that there are two kinds of G7. My supplier says they keep track of which pump is being used and will make sure to send me the compatible sensors. You are the first to mention the non-compatible-sensor issue to me!

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Hi Joanna,

I did an upgrade for the G7 on my pump @ 1 1/2 weeks ago. I got any error message and called Tandem when I saw that my pump was not having me choose G6 or G7 after the update. They had me try rebooting my pump, along with a couple of other trouble shooting steps. They told me that if this doesn’t work, to call them and they will replace my pump.
Since then, I have noticed that I can no longer bolus on my phone, which I was able to do before the update. I noted this in my review of the update and Tandem reached out asking me to call them about this. I haven’t called them yet, but I have a feeling they might need to trade my pump for a new one. Time will tell.
Anyway, to your actual question, I have not used the G7 yet. My endo wants to wait until my next visit, in March, to give Tandem/Dexcom time to work the bugs out. Given how my update went, I’m glad he wanted to wait! I have heard from others who are using the G7 that they like it though.

Pam K.
T1D 59.6 years and counting!

Me too. I have heard there are issues with g7 with integration with Omnipod and Tandem. Type 2 who only need sensors are happy though.

Do you have the ability to calibrate libre now? One of the reasons I stopped using it is that the reading could be off more than 40 from glucose tests and was not able to be corrected.

Hi all. Just wanted to put out an update on our Tandem Tslim experience updating to the Dexcom g7. I purchased our first g7 sensors from Walgreens only to find they were not compatible. The compatible sensors have the “LDL number” underlined on the box the sensor is in. Thankfully Dexcom replaced the sensors with the “compatible” sensors at no charge. However the compatible g7 sensors are not yet available at our local pharmacies, so for now we are back to using the g6. Our insurance recently changed, and now the dex sensors are part of our pharmacy benefit rather than medical equipment, so it will be cheaper for us to purchase them at a pharmacy than Byram Healthcare. So we are waiting till all the kinks are worked out with availability. We didn’t have any issues with the g7 sensors themselves. Accuracy seems similar to the g6 and we really like the faster warm up time and the smaller sensor size and one piece design. Has anyone else noticed the g7 was first introduced as a 14 day wear but now it’s being advertised as 10 day wear?
One more thing ito mention is yesterday we received a call from Byram. They were calling to tell us about the new g7 and assist us with the switching process. I told them we were waiting to fully switch until the sensors were available at our local pharmacy. The Bryan rep told me Dexcom was planning to phase out the G6 by the end of 2024. I just wonder if anyone else has been told the same?

Hi @eroig13 I use g7. I don’t think you can calibrate Libre 2. There are many reasons why a finger stick and a CGM would not display the same numbers.

It makes sense that Abbott removed the ability “to calibrate” given that there isn’t a home use fingerstick BGM as accurate as the Libre2. Certainly keep a BGM for reference when a CGM reading, a SG differs from a BG or how one is feeling.

I updated my Tandem tslim:X2 pump software to integrate with the Dexcom G7 in early January. I’m on my third Dexcom G7 sensor. I have had problems during the first 24 hours after insertion with the sensor readings being way off from my finger stick readings in either direction. The sensor has a variable delay time in responding to calibrations. It improves as you approach the 24 hour wearing point. Dexcom said this happens in a significant number of G7 sensors. They want me to test three times during the first 24 hour period to see if it will calibrate reliably. The second sensor said I was LOW for three hours when I was 80-100 using finger sticks. I found this troubling! I now change my sensor in the morning and allow frequent finger stick calibrations during the first day. The sensor is nicer to wear, stays on your arm better, and is less likely to be bumped. It makes it a bit difficult during the first day when you can’t count on it especially if you want to sleep or exercise, but finger sticks will get you through the day. I’d like to hear tips from others that have made the transition.

Hi @savejf welcome to the forum. I don’t use tandem but I do use G7. G6 regularly read LOW for the first 4-12 hours I would just ignore it. G7 is a little off for me at first then it’s fine. Here’s a plan for G7: Put the new sensor on exactly when the old one “expires”. Do not switch to the new sensor for the full 12 hour “grace” period that you are allowed on the old sensor. At the end of grace period your old sensor will stop working. Then switch to the new sensor that has now been warming for 12 hours. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Hi Joe,
That’s a very insightful idea! I’ll give it a try.

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