Unexplained low blood glucose

Hello! I have been t1 for about 7 years now and have been on the tslim x2 pump for about a year now and have never had an issue like this one, yesterday I changed out my site and have had unexplained extreme lows, even after cutting my dose down to half my normal intake I am still getting lows that are difficult to bring back up, I pulled off the infusion site and noticed some blood on the cannula which hasn’t happened before and am wondering if maybe I hit a vein and the insulin is hitting just really fast? Any help would be super appreciated!!

Hi @D1ss0c1ate welcome to the forum. It’s very hard to hit a big blood vessel with an infusion set I usually notice faster and better absorption when I am near muscle. Sure it could play a part. Change your set if you are concerned. Are you talking lows like under 100 mg/dl or lows like under 60? Did you verify with a finger stick?

I’ve been having lows under 60 it’s just really really strange cause I’ve never had this issue, also I did confirm with a finger stick

Well @D1ss0c1ate I hope you have better luck with a new site, sorry to hear about the lows.

@D1ss0c1ate Welcome Gabriel to the TypeOneNation Community Forum. We try not to provide medical advice here, but rather offer suggestions and personal experiences.

Like you, I have been using the t-Slim x2 [for 5 years] with CIQ activated an for some unknown reason I have had BG and SG readings lower than expected - so much so that I’ve needed to reduce both basal rates and I:C ratios.

I’m attributing this to using infusion sites that are wonderfully sensitive and absorbent to/for insulin. Yes, it is my own fault, I think, for reactivating site locations that I’d been “resting” for recovery. Around 1980, I set up a body map which now has numbers from #1 - #24 and try to rotate between 8 sites at a time while avoiding CGM and resting others - I’ve been infusing.injecting insulin into me for seven decades with very limited scar tissue.

Occasionally, I will notice a little blood on an infusion set but it never appears to have affected insulin absorption - for better or for worse. My recent t:connect report shows an increased manual-override for suggested bolus - this reflects the number of times I decide “less insulin is better”.
BTW, the Tandem Portal now has a really good new “Reports” section - we can get an easy and better report at a glance.

To exhaust possibilities, are you taking any new medications or herbal supplements, or even trying new teas? Those may affect glucose levels.
Consider that a rhetorical question - don’t feel compelled to report back😊.