Best insulin pump and CGM combo?

So, I was just dx’d (at 40 yrs old) this week. I was looking to get started with a CGM (I may be getting the Dexcom) and pump system (Tandem TSlim X2 I think it’s called, is the one that works with the newest Dexcom currently). If my insurance (BCBS of FL) for some reason doesn’t approve this combo, is there another/better option? My son has been on Omnipod and Dexcom for 8 years and we love it. I would like to be able to use it but the Omnipod doesn’t work with the new Dexcom and unless you’re already on it, they won’t approve you for the G6.

So, what do you guys recommend? Any advice and suggestions welcome.

Hi @HisWifeTheirMama Sarah, better and best are tough calls for pumps. People generally like the one they are using and because they selected them they might argue that their decision is the best- and it likely is the best, for them

There’s plenty of information out in the internet. Tamdem, Medtronic, Beta Bionics, and Omnipod all have their best sales pitches out there.

I personally do not like Medtronic CGM but that’s purely an opinion. Many people like, and use the 780, and Medtronic sensor may be perfect for them.

I really like Dexcom, so feedback pumps such as the Tandem, iLet, or Omnipod would be my choices for feedback pumps.

The iLet pump is out as well, offering the same feedback as the rest, but advertised differently as “no carb counting” even though you have to tell it when you are eating.

My opinion includes do not worry if a pump supports G6 or G7 the pumps get updated and cross platform (CGM agnostic) will likely be the norm of the future.

CGM do not work for everyone so you might want to try Libre and Dexcom and see how it works for you. Many people have trouble with CGM, sometimes it’s the way they are using them and sometimes it’s body chemistry.

Do the research and when you like a pump, then have their tech sales people tell you why their pump is the best. Make them do the work, and then pick the one you like. All pumps are the same anyway so if you like the size or the color, or even if it’s the one best covered by your insurance, that’s enough of a difference and your choice will likely be the best for you. Good luck! :shamrock:


Sometimes it’s possible to get around insurance roadblocks - you might be able to get an override for the G6 to use with Omnipod if your physician documents necessity for a special authorization.
But I think many of not most insurances are on board with Tandem, Medtronic and Omnipod now.


Welcome Sarah @HisWifeTheirMama from a fellow Floridian - Manatee County.

Take a couple of breaths and the comparability picture between pump and glucose sensor will change; like one of the OmniPod will very soon, if it hasn’t already, work with the G7. Based on my seven decade living life with diabetes I can tell you without hesitation that the Continuous Glucose Monitor is by far the best advancement in diabetes management [and I’ve participated in several innovative developments], so begin by finding the sensor that works best for YOU - we are all different and not all CGM behave well for all.

Now to answer your question: my choice is the almost fully automated iAIDs employing the Tandem t-Slim x2 with software version 7.8 - in January I invested in a new pump following investigation of all devices. Since the iAIDs became available January 2020 the CIQ [Control IQ] algorithm has greatly assisted me in staying in range greater than 90% of the time - that is while eating a moderate carbohydrate diet of 230-250 grams per day. Oh, my t-Slim is fully comparable by press-of-button with Libre2 Plus, and both Dexcom G6 and G7 - whichever of the three I have on hand the day a sensor needs replacement.

Highly recommend doing research on all pumps as there is lots of new models and technology that was recently released. Talk to people on different pumps and ask questions that are capabilities that interest you. The only short term pump decision is the Omni pump as it’s a use once and throw it away. The rest typically come with a long term commitment. My insurance has a 4yr commitment before I’m allowed to get a new pump that they help cover the cost of.

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