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I can’t say where (for privacy purposes) but I’m going to a convention, pretty much like Comicon but more of Anime Expo if you know what those are. Im going to be cosplaying as Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa 2, and was curious if any of you had gone to cons before and how you handled it! Any advice on con going is appreciated, also, the character has an oversized jacket he uses as a cloak, and I use a shoulder sling bag to carry around my insulin and supplies, any advice on how to carry it around and/or work it into the cosplay itself. Lastly, we’re going to a cosplay café, this will all be a first for me and I’m extremely excited but also extremely nervous. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and welcome! Thanks everyone for reading

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I’m not familiar with cosplay. Could you post some pics? That might help formulate some suggestions although of course I do hope you get some responses from fellow players (sorry if that’s the wrong term).
When I first got a pump it was suggested that if you were going to be eating foods you weren’t familiar with, you could temporarily increase your basal rate instead of bolusing. Might need to do some circumstances of course.

Landen @REESEScups07 as Dorie @wadawabbit suggests, you must be creative - find what works for YOU. There isn’t any “book” that will guide you through life, any life with or without diabetes.
As you gain a bit of maturity you will soon find that situations present themselves that on a moments notice you will need to “discover” a solution that will carry you through survival.

Update to anyone wondering: The convention went wonderful, I met a bunch of people with other medical conditions and realized T1 isn’t something that can slow you down from your dreams, I do apologize for not explaining further. Basically I went in a costume of my favorite video game character to meet up with people with the same interests as me, it’s a lot of walking around, and a lot of talking to people (“Normal”, semi-famous, even famous people) as if you’re already friends because you all love the same thing! Cosplaying (costume play) and going to a convention has always been a dream of mine and I thank you both for your advice even if you may not have fully understood what it was, and you are correct in saying sometimes, to paraphrase, “Figure it out as life throws things at you.” And as a reminder to all, T1 and any other medical conditions are not limiters but a motivator to prove everyone wrong that says you can’t do something!


I’m glad everything worked out for you and this will be just the first of many conventions. Would love to see pics!

Hi Landen,

Sorry, I saw this post too late! I was just at a Con last week! I go every year to help out in one of the booths. In fact, the group just asked me to be on their Counsel! I’m so excited and honored by this!

I always carry candy/glucose tabs with me in case of lows while wondering around the Con. Meals can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find diabetes-friendly options. For me, because I’m a vendor, I can leave and come back without any issues. My kids have gone as well though, not vendors, and were able to leave to go eat with me and go back in. I’m not sure if this is true of all Cons or not though.

Glad you had a good time and that all went well!!

Pam K.
T1D 58.11 years and counting!

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@REESEScups07, that sounds like a lot of fun! I’m going to explore it. I’d like to learn more about it.