23y/o, diabetic for 22, from New England. New to forum!

Hi, I’m Jack. I am introducing myself hoping that I will use the forum regularly! Looking for other people with T1D I can chat with about diabetes but also not diabetes, and just feel like I have a community by checking it out every once in a while. I had no idea this forum existed until today even though I thought I was keeping up with JDRF resources and such lol. I’m a dex+omnipod user and I like being outside and playing/listening to music and talking about mental health, community, and authenticity. Especially when you’re also queer and trans and disabled. If anyone can relate to managing T1D in a non-traditional job setting and wants to talk about it hit me up because that’s what I mostly struggle with right now besides self-compassion (recently “diagnosed” perfectionist here!) anyway thanks for reading my autobiography I look forward to the stellar reviews I’ll be receiving <3


Hi @potterpodder welcome to TypeOne Nation. Yes the JDRF gives us this space and this community tries to help each other with T1 stuff. I think you will find that collectively we have many years experience here and with you, now we have more.

I think if you would like work feedback you’re going to have to give the group a little more, but I’ve been working for over 40 years and right now I split my time between a desk job and working on construction sites.

Welcome to the site and hope to see you around! :shamrock::peace_symbol:

Welcome! I have been TD1 since 17 and I am now 59, very hard to manage. Dexcom & Omnipod helps, but I find I need to calibrate several times a week & Omnipod can fail in the most inopportune moment without insulin available. Still happy though.

Hi there Jack! I work remotely so I guess that non-traditional. Not many issues with the social side of T1D. But definitely deal with isolation and keeping on top of myself exercise wise. Nice to meet you.

Hi. I am 25 and also live in New England! I have been diabetic 19 years.