Fridge travel packs that are TSA approved

I’m planning travel and need to take unopened insulin pens with me. Need them to remain at safe storage temp for about 12 hours, however would like it to last longer for future. Anyone have recommendations for product you have used and found to be reliable?

Note that I use frio for storing open pens.

Like you mentioned, unfortunately frio is only good for open pens!
When I travel my parents put my insulin in a mule pack insulated bag (link: ) and then ice packs with light weight shirts/sweaters around the insulin so that it isn’t directly exposed to the ice. Then one person gets put on insulin duty and goes up to the tsa agent to explain that “I/my daughter has diabetes and this is her insulin cool bag. It has ice and fluid medication. The insulin MUST stay cool.” Then they ask if they can put it through the x-ray and we say yes but the X-ray might not like it, they put it through anyway and the x-ray rejects it because of ice/insulin, and then they take everything out to hand check it (grrr). We also carry multiple copies of a doctors letter that specifies that we will be carrying ice and insulin that must stay cool and is necessary for patients survival that we can present if needed. We’ve traveled from Seattle to Denver to London to Barcelona, 24 hour trip including lay overs (the days of COVID when flights were rerouted often), with 3 separate hand checks where they emptied our bag, and everything was fine, no insulin was spoiled because as soon as they were done checking my bag my dad immediately packed the insulin in again. We also had a nice TSA agent suggest that if you find your ice packs melting, you can go ask a Starbucks or other shop for a baggie or several gloves of ice from their ice machines.
Hope that helps!


@6yGodsGr knows what she’s taking about from first hand experience so I defer to her, but I also found this on Amazon that you might check. It said it child’s for 48 his after 6 hours freezing in the fridge. Be sure to check the guide to see how many pens of your type it can hold.

I have never had a problem with travel/flying/cruising with diabetes supplies. They are always understanding and seem to know the drill.
I use travel packs with freeze packs I purchased from Amazon
So far no problems :crossed_fingers:
Good luck!

Same- I haven’t had any issues with ice packs. Only with juice boxes. They (London) said baby milk could go through, but not juice boxes for a diabetic. :roll_eyes:

Ugh. I haven’t tried juice boxes. I carry glucose tabs, Skittles, Keto protein bars and sometimes a baggie with mini ritz peanut butter crackers. Never a problem

Yeah I’m only bringing candy/glucose tabs and crackers from now on :laughing:

Insulin does not have to be in the refrigerator as long as it is used in 30 days. It takes 3 weeks for me to use a vial of insulin in my pump. It is never in the refrigerator after I start using it. In fact, insulin works best injected at room temperture.

You’re totally right. The trouble is that some people (like me) travel frequently for 3+ months at a time and need a way to keep that insulin that’ll be used a few months later at fridge temp while on the airplane.

I have done that also but when you get to where you are going, you put the unopened vials or pens, in the refrigerator. So the only time what you are not using is out of refrigeration is in transit.

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