Insulin pen cooler

Hi All,

In the past I have used the Frio to keep my insulin pen cool in the summer. I think it works well, but has to be kept open to the air (so I can’t zip up my purse). I see there are other ones on the market I haven’t noticed before. Has anyone tried any of them (e.g. All Family Nomad)?


PS - Just looked at this one and it is not for pens that have been opened. ??? I need something I can use for use when I am out and about and might need to use my insulin. There’s one called Vivi Cap, but it’s pretty pricy…

Hi @Jsich . I’m in DC which gets hay, hit and humid in the summer, with temps sometimes in the upper 80s-low/kid 90s. I carry a vial with me but don’t keep it chilled as I’m in temperature controlled areas most of the time. Once opened most insulins are good for 30 days at room temp; so unless you’re in extreme heat or perhaps spend your days in direct sunlight with no relief (say as a lifeguard), your insulin should be okay.
That said, insulin is “liquid gold” and I do appreciate your wanting to keep it safe - hopefully you’ll get some suggestions soon.

I use the Frio and think it’s fine. Insulin doesn’t need to be ice-cold, just cooled. I kept it in its little sack in my carry-on bag for a recent trip overseas and it was all fine.