Headed to endo...first appointment!

This morning will be my first endocrinology appointment since having been diagnosed on Wednesday of last week. What should I ask that I may not already have in my questions? I’d love to hear your input because I don’t want to forget to ask things I probably should be asking!

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Make sure your doctor treats Type1 specifically - not all endos do.
It’s good to ask “Is this necessary?” or "Is this necessary now? You may hear about CGMs (which I do recommend getting early on) as well as pumps, but pumps are typically a 4 year commitment and they are an investment. Some people do just fine on shots and may not want to pump so if you would rather wait ask your doctor if it really is a necessity…
Ask who you should contact when you call the office - there may be a nurse educator who can answer some questions so you may not have to speak to the doctor directly.
I also suggest you schedule your next visit as you’re checking out - sometimes it can be hard to get an appointment if you wait until closer to the timeframe you’re hoping for.

His was your appointment? I hope it went well.