Help with back up plans for pump malfunctions/failures

Hi Everyone,
I currently have a TSlim X2 pump with G7 CGM. I’ve had some panic moments when my pump seemed to malfunction which made me think of what to do in case I need a back up plan for pump failures? Interested to read what everyone does if you have to go to MDI quickly after a pump issue? Thanks for the help and ideas.

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hi @DFBB

If everything goes sideways,
I have 2 old Medtronic pumps with reservoirs and infusion sets.
I have a phone backup which consists of a compatible smartphone that only needs a sim card.

I have a car battery on trickle charge that can power my device recharge needs for a week. (I have it in an ammo box with 2 automotive receptacles (they used to be called cigarette lighter receptacles) so I can plug in various devices and I have a 100W inverter to plug anything else in.

I have a generator capable of backing up 80% of my house.

And for a total zombie apocalypse, I have a bottle of lantus in my fridge and syringes in my go bag.

No I would default to the medtronic pump first. then MDI

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I use Omnipods and my refills come while I still have a few pods left. But I do keep a supply of pens with basal and bolus insulins in case I need them or want to take a pump break. I use them so rarely I need to check in with my doctor about the basal - I see my endo tomorrow so thank you for reminding me to ask!

Dianne @DFBB, the BEST backup plan for pump failure is one that fits YOUR capabilities and available resources - and where you are when your pump is no longer serviceable.

My thoughtsfor the ultimate backup plan is to review in my head the very basics for diabetes management, that is to effectively shift to MDI; this will work when traveling and not at home where my reserve t-Slim and MiniMed pumps are on the closet shelf and a couple battery back-up devices are handy.

Periodically, I look at the t-Slim history and I know my average basal usage for the last 7, 14, and 30 days - I would give myself about 10% more background [not long-acting] insulin by injection once each day. For meals, I would, at least initially, keep the I:Cr for the different times of day.

Thanks for the reminder - next weel I’ll now remember ask the doctor for a background insulin prescription.