How to contact Abbot pharmaceuticals?

Ok this question is specifically for Abbot and their Freestyle Libre, but could apply to any other company making CGMs.
I recently read that Dexcom had partnered or worked with Garmin so that Garmin units (I’m guessing sport watches and their bicycling head units) could display data from the CGM. As I am an avid cyclist who currently uses the Libre 3, I’d like to reach out to Abbot and ask them to work with the major players in the fitness industry so that smart watches and cycling computers can pair with the users cell phone and display glucose levels in real time. I gotta think this would not be a big challenge for a qualified app coder to make the app share data with a cycling computer or a fitness watch.
So does anyone have an inside line to Abbot with a way to contact them to make such a request. The website for the Libre does not have a generic “contact us” info, they only provide an 800 number to call if you are having a problem with a Libre sensor.

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I did a search on LinkedIn and found a bunch of folks in R&D and product development for Libre. worth a shot. my search terms were “Freestyle Libre product development” good luck.

Send a PM on Twitter but I think for the most part big companies like that do not respond to customers. It’s sad but that is the way it is. The only way they respond is if you make it public. So post something on their Twitter and PM the account.

When I was seaching for something else on the Internet, I came across this site:
It is only about Michigan, but maybe they can help you to contact somebody in other states as well.

When I first started on Dexcom I was assigned a device rep who trained me. I think reps are assigned to doctors offices and perhaps have districts they cover. If you’re currently using Freestyle try contacting your rep to see if they can provide you with the information for Abbotts R&D or another “in” - or ask of they would be willing to share your suggestion.