Poor customer service

I contacted Libre 3 support and got very poor response. The service representative told me that he will send me my libre 3 sensor in 24 - 46 hours. It is 4th day i have not got it. I am very disappointed for poor customer service.

Hello @nraja welcome to the forum. I know calling customer service is frustrating every time. I’ve never called Abbott but I have called Dexcom and I’m getting ready to call Tandem right now about a failed infusion set.

My experience is when the rep says “they are sending one” it typically means that’s when they ship. It’ll still take some time to get your replacement, sometimes longer than 2-4 days depending on where you live. Good luck I hope it comes soon.

Hi Naeem. I’m a T1D and consider a CGM necessary to stay alive. I used a Libre for a couple of years and had a 50% failure rate so I was calling Abbott a lot. My favorite was when an agent tried to deny a replacement because the sensor failed while I was on a flight and I might have been over the libre altitude limit. I called back, talked to a different person, got a replacement right away.

For your case check your email or call and get a tracking number for the shipment then track the package. Has the package been picked up from the sender? It is important to know if Abbott is holding things up or a completely different company. June 19 was a federal holiday many companies also observed it and the holiday may add a day for transit.

I’ve been lucky to learn a long list of things to check when talking about moving an item from point A to B. Let me know if you’d like tips on managing to get the stuff I need to stay alive. Coming here to vent is okay too.

I use Omnipod and recently had to get a replacement; and occasionally I’ve needed a replacement Dexcom sensor. Those companies always tell me when they expect to ship the item and the expected shipping time. I think it’s a day or two but if you can’t wait you might be able to get them to use a faster delivery although it might cost you. Don’t forget to factor in holidays.
@spdif CGMs are remarkable tools but don’t forget the importance of knowing your body’s signals (assuming you don’t have hypoglycemic unawareness of course). I can be well within the normal range but start feeling a little funny before my CGM alerts me anything is going on.
They’re great to have but try not to rely on them completely if you don’t have to. Consider them a supplement. Technology has its place but I’m my opinion becoming over reliant is not a good thing.

I was told that I will get my replacement in 24 -48 hours

He may have been referring to when it would go out, then add transit to that. Did you get the shipment date and tracking info?