Libre 3 Opinions Needed

Hi Everybody, I’m seeking opinions from those using the Libre 3. I’ve been using the Dexcom G7 for the past year, after switching from the LIbre 2. I’m on MDI -so pump compatibility is irrelevant. I had numerous problems with failed Libre 2 sensors (typically in the first 24 hours of wear), hence the switch to G7. I’m mostly happy with the G7 EXCEPT that the adhesive doesn’t adhere well. I’ve tried the G7 overpatches and also Simpatch overpatches but they start loosening around the edges after my first shower and I have to keep trimming, which is an annoyance and frankly looks ugly as sin. I’m thinking of trying the Libre 3 because with prior Libre versions, the adhesion worked well without the need for any overpatches. The 14 day wear vs. Dexcom’s 10 day wear is also very appealing. So my questions: 1) is are you happy with the Libre 3, why or why not ? 2) Have you had any problems with failed sensors ? 3) What do you think of Libre 3’s accuracy ?

  1. Yes, very much so. It’s not perfect, but that is a subjective measure that is different for every individual. None of the CGMs are perfect. This does what it is supposed to do and it does it well.
  2. Yes, that just comes with the territory. If I get a ‘sensor error’ message and no response after 6-8 hours, I know it’s a goner and I need to replace it. I always call and get a replacement.I’ve only had a couple go bad in a year.
  3. My experience with the L3 is that it is extremely accurate for me. The only time I see deviations is if my glucose is rising or falling rapidly. Sometimes I get a sensor error when this happens, but it comes back within a few minutes when it catches up, or the change rate for my BG reduces in intensity.

As to the adhesive - I have yet to lose a sensor, but I do patch them all the time. I use ‘Not Just a Patch’ and I like those. Their original patches are good for about a week, but their newer ‘Air’ patches have been consistently lasting 11 days for me. I exercise 5-7 days a week, and I sweat a LOT when I am exercising. I shower at least once a day, but many days twice a day following a workout. Even with all that abuse, the ‘Not Just a Patch’ “Air” patches work very well for me.

I’ve never used anything other than Libre (10-day, 14-day, 2, now 3), so I can’t compare them to anything else but I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

  1. Are you happy with the Libre 3, why or why not ?
    Mostly, yes. It does what I need it to do, which is act as an early warning system for lows. My one complaint is that, because it’s synced up to my phone which syncs up with my car, I can’t hear the alarms while I’m driving unless I’m actively using the bluetooth audio. The alarms don’t play over my iPod or the radio the way that phone calls do. This seems like a big design flaw. While I appreciate not having to carry the reader around in my pocket, I do sometimes miss having it.

  2. Have you had any problems with failed sensors ?
    Not that I can recall. I haven’t had any fall off due to adhesion problems, either, but I also use a Simpatch every time. With the 2 I often had to change the patch about a week in, but the 3 is small enough that often I can get away with just trimming the parts that are peeling up instead of replacing the whole thing.

  3. What do you think of Libre 3’s accuracy ?
    I rarely check my blood sugar to confirm readings, so I don’t have much to compare it to.

Have you ever tried Skin-tac? I’ve never tried it but it’s supposed to help with adhesion (famous last words but :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:).

PS @Jophilly you might get more reasons if you change your heading to “Adhesive Options.” I’ve seen discussions on the forum but they’re not limited to the device you use.

Hi Dorie,
Thanks Dorie, I haven’t tried Skin Tac yet and was hesitant to because of the somewhat complicated application that Dexcom recommends (applying to skin where sensor will be inserted but avoiding the part of skin where sensor filament inserts). Right now, I’m most interested in hearing opinions about the Libre 3 system specifically. Thanks very much to Jeff and bsteingard for supplying your opinions !

Understood. I’ll just add - since your issue is with peeling around the edges, you might be able to leave enough space to supply the sensor.
You might also see a dermatologist fit recommendations, especially if you have oily skin.
I hope you find a solution - keep us posted! I’ve read some very creative solutions, including (wait for it) Pepto Bismol. You never know…

@pady87 posted not too long ago about using the Libre 3

When you are considering the experiences people report with the Libre 3 please keep in mind everyone using a CGM is going to have some sensors that fail every year. When it comes to accuracy Abbott told the FDA the Libre 3 is a Libre 2 with better bluetooth and the documentation with the Libre 2 says it is a Libre 14 day with bluetooth added. I gotta wonder if the older Libre’s seemed so bad because of the software and the Libre 3’s once a minute update rate makes it much better.

I’m also not a fan of Dexcom’s latest adhesive. It seems to release sooner when wet or maybe wet and hot. Since it becomes sticky again when it dries wrapping something like an ace bandage around my arm for an hour after showing reduces the loose edges and more importantly to me, doesn’t allow lint into the adhesive left on my skin that creates the dreaded “ring around the CGM site”.

@spdif thanks for tagging me !! i should have updated. So my extreme low alarm was a lie. I met my diabetes educator later that week and she explained that it was probably a compression alarm - if i rolled on it or apply pressure to it, it throws a 54mg/dl alert. Its happened a few times since then. I didn’t have that issue with the libre2 although i only went thru 4 L2s and broke the 4th and last one - i had it on my belly and was swimming a lot - started hurting abt 7 days in and then suddenly quit. Pulled it out and saw i had managed to bend the needle part into a U shape… and it was poking me back…

  1. def happier with L3 than L2.
  2. I’m on my 6th L3 one and keeping it to the back of my arm- I’ve had one that came off due to adhesive issue, but i was also in the pool at the time. i think a patch would have taken care of it easily.
  3. L3 is more accurate than L2 ( except for the compression lows), but others may be right about it not being as good as dexcom, but any time ive done a fingerprick, its been very close to the sensor reading. I’m honeymooning right now and only on once a day basal insulin and once weekly ozempic, so i’m not that concerned about the accuracy, but will def go to dexcom when i go back on bolus and/or pump.

Hope this helps.

Thanks everybody for the L3 opinions- you’ve convinced me that it’s worth trying. I just picked up two L3 sensors from the pharmacy and will try L3 when I’m due for a sensor change. I’ll circle back in a couple of weeks.
Stay well,

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Hi Everybody, I’ve tried several L3 sensors, after a year of using the Dexcom G7. Each system has its pros & cons. This will be a very unscientific comparison.
For me, Libre 3’s accuracy is better than Dexcom G7 in the first 24 hours. After 24 hours of wear, both sensors are roughly equal on accuracy-however the L3 adjusts every 60 seconds versus the Dexcom G7 every 5 minutes. So, the L3 is preferable when my glucose is dropping quickly, as it shows a flattening followed by a rise more quickly. This helps me to prevent overtreating. I know you’re supposed to finger prick when treating a low because of the lag with sensors, but that’s less necessary when the device updates every 60 seconds.
The adhesive on the L3 is better than the G7. The L3 stayed on the full 14 days (without an overpatch) so long as I was careful. The G7 sensor tape edges begin peeling within 2-3 days of application (without the overpatch). Even when I use the G7 overpatch, it starts loosening within 1-2 days. Frankly, the G7 adhesive on both the sensors and the overpatches is lousy!
The L3’s 14 day wear is obviously preferable to the G7’s 10 day wear.
IMO the G7 has a better App and a better Reader (I used both, which you can’t do with the L3 because an L3 sensor can only be paired with one device).
G7’s App & Reader have more optional alarms.
The G7 Reader is far smaller/less bulky than the L3 Reader.
The G7 App also seems to be updated more frequently than the L3 App, so it doesn’t lag smartphone updates as much as the L3 App seems to.
Any questions- please reach out :grinning:

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I’ve never liked the device overpatches but find Simpatches are very durable: my G6 patches usually last the full 10 days without peeling (I’m not on the 7 so can’t vouch for those). They’re available for the different devices (and in different colors if you have a colorful side) on Amazon.

I have not used Dexcom G7 but the G6 and did not like the adhesive. Like you said, it starts peeling within a couple of days. Therefore, I chose to use the Freestyle Libre 3 and have been happy so far. I use a clear overpatch that I purchase from Amazon and have not had any issues with peeling. My insurance formulary does not cover Libre this year, so I even chose to pay out of pocket ($75 per month) because I also like the fast that it’s a 14 day sensor compared to 10 for Dexcom.