Pancreas transplant experience

Anybody having experience of pancreas transplant?

Pancreas transplant has severe and potentially fatal consequences. There is a high post operative risk for infection, and many classes of negative outcomes due to a lifelong requirement to take anti rejection drugs (immunosuppressants)

Pancreas transplant for a 2 year old is most certainly not a good idea, but you could talk it over with your doctor. Most people who get pancreas transplants also have failed kidneys and are generally between 18 and 60 years old.

An organ transplant is about as serious a procedure as you can have, and comes with a number of risks and lifelong requirements, as @joe noted already.
If you are considering one I suggest you have a serious discussion with your endo and transplant specialist first, as well as talking in person with people who have undergone the procedure. As I understand it a person needs to have some serious issues to qualify for a transplant in the first place - hopefully the tools we have available can prevent them from getting to that point.
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