Research Insulin Carrier

Hey everyone!

We hope you’re doing great! We’re a team of researchers in the Netherlands, and our goal is to make life easier and more comfortable for those living with diabetes. To help us achieve this, we’re conducting a quick survey to understand your needs better and create an insulin carrier that truly meets your expectations.

We’d really appreciate it if you could spare just 3 minutes to participate. Rest assured, your responses will be completely anonymous.

Thank you so much for your time and help!

(Survey - Adults living with Diabetes)

Hi @SanaIb . What do you mean by the term “insulin carrier” - are you referring to the delivery device (pump, pen etc.) or are you referring to how you transport your insulin (carrying a vial or pen)? Thanks.

Hi, thank you for asking. By “insulin carrier,” I am referring to the delivery device. We are developing a textile carrier, which could be a belt, strap, or shirt, depending on people’s needs.

Thanks for your reply. I just completed the survey! All the best to you in your research.

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