Resource for finding local in-person support group

Hi. Is anyone aware of a resource or database for finding local in-person support groups? I’m talking like AA but for T1D. Get me in a room with some coffee and some other people who are going through it! Thanks, fam.

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@T1Darrell , most have gone to social media. Where? Age?

@T1Darrell Welcome Darrell to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum!

A trusted place to begin is the “Resources” tab at top of this page and then enter your zip code under 'JDRF Near Me". You will see JDRF Chapters in your vicinity, but don’t stop there - get in contact and you may find many Chapters have small sub-chapter meetings scattered about.
Also, look under Events to see diabetes related activities - great place to find other PwD [person with diabetes] wanting to learn and share. Many colleges and universities also sponsor diabetes centers for information and sharing.

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Thank you, both. I’ll see what I can find on social as well as dig into the local chapters. Take care.

@T1Darrell , progress? Success? Location?