T slim pump charger adapter/converter

Hi everyone,
Has anyone ever had difficulty with T Slim insulin pump charging while traveling out of US, because of the different voltage/plug issues?

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on which power adapter or converter to be used out of US? OR does the regular 250V converters / 110-120 V adapters work for you guys?

I don’t know about international power but if you have a “charging brick” that you use for your cell phone, it will charge your pump.

Hello @sojitraaditi , I travel for work and need to charge a number of devices. The power adapter (the thing with the plug end) needs to say something like 110v -240v and 50-60 hz. If it does, then all you need is the various plug/prong configurations for where you are traveling. There is no need to buy a 120 volt transformer. I’ve never seen a USB charger that doesn’t have a “universal input” good for anywhere in the world. If all else fails, the tandem literature will have the input power specs. Safe travels.

The charger that comes with the t:slim takes 100-240 V input, according to the User Guide. Most electronic devices can operate on either voltage nowadays. You may need a plug adapter, depending on the country, but you shouldn’t need a transformer.

I used a regular plug adapter and it worked fine - - purchased it on Amazon. I also carried a portable power bank with me, just in case. That way, if the adapter didn’t work on my pump, it would hopefully work on my portable. I had no issues charging either one though!

Hope this helps!

Pam K.
T1D 59 years and counting!

I have traveled all over with my pump and just use an adapter for the country I am in. It charges fine all over the world, just like my cell phone and computer do. They cope with all the different voltages.