Tandem Mobi first impressions

@pamcklein and @Disco2
Just received the box today but I can’t start the pump because I don’t have infusion sets due to Caremark making a mess of a simple script

First thing. It is small

It’s very small

The biggest dimension is 2 inches

It has a multifunction button that turns it on, turns it off, quick bolus, and I think acknowledges alarms

It has no connections, no way to plug anything directly into it so it’s water proof IP28. And you charge it on a mag charger

It has multifunction LED lights, 2 white steady means fully charged. There are 2 lights with multiple colors for various types of information

The phone app controls it

And it comes with a belt clip

The clip isn’t well thought out but it works

I’ll post more about how it works in a few days.


It comes with an “adhesive sleeve “ so you can wear it “omnipod” style with a short 5” infusion set.


you do NOT need your phone for Control IQ. It manages the CGM connection directly on the pump. If you enable “quick bolus” you can bolus for food (1 press = X grams carbs… or 1 press = Y units of insulin) so, unlike Pods, you aren’t in a pickle (right away) if your phone breaks.

hahaha - you can press “find my pump” on the app if you (I don’t know who this applies to) lose your tiny pump it will make the pump beep. now that’s handy.

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Oh that is so small! Thanks for all the photos! Can’t wait for future updates.
Hahaha love the “find my pump” beep. One of the reasons why I choose a tubed pump is because it seemed hard to loose :laughing:

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The charging thing looks cool. FINALLY TANDEM HAS A WATERPROOF PUMP. Do you have to charge it with the tandem wireless charger or can you use an android or apple one too?

Hi @6yGodsGr the magnetic base has a specific sized inductor. Other bases might work but you have to be very close to the right size for the pump to charge. The pump beeps or vibrates and the LED light up when you have it in the right spot for charging.

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Hi @6yGodsGr well Tandem still says to take it off for swimming but IP28 is the same rating as Omnipod which says you do not have to remove the pod for swimming. The tandem pump will fail underwater if the reservoir (cartridge) seal wears out.

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@Joe Great reviews so far! Will be good to hear from you on the performance and any issues that develop. Can you explain a bit more about your comment the clip wasn’t thought through?

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sure @Tlholz I don’t like the clip, you have to push the pump from the bottom or top (very awkward) and is works by friction. You cannot refill the pump with the clip on, nor can you charge the pump with the clip on. It surely seems like an afterthought and not something well planned. Good news it the pump is tiny and very light. I will fit completely into the “change pocket” of your blue jeans. so it is unlikely that I’ll even use the clip, or if I do, I will use it intermittently and it wont be too much of a bother.

I fixed my infusion set order so I’ll have operating comments in 2 weeks.


@bsteingard I am putting my notes in this thread

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If anyone works in a secure zone, the MOBI and the Insulet Omnipod 5 designs reequire “controllers”. They will not pass secuirty muster.
OP5 controller is a limited cellphone. The camera & microphone, although deactivated in software, are fully functional. The presence of a camera & microphone exclude them from SCIF type security worksites.
The same is true of MOBI. It does have a smart bolus button, but otherwise depends on a phone to control making it unsuitable for secure workspaces.

It should be noted, security overrides ADA accommodation in these two cases.


Mobi does not have a locked down controller. It’s a phone application (exclusively right now) so yea, probably not allowed in FBI facilities, Military bases, nuke subs, NSA black sites, etc. :white_check_mark: agree.

The (all pumps all makes and models) pump isn’t XP rated either, so when I am in a Class I or II electrically hazardous classified area I do have to take my pump off

When I’m working near supercooled conductors, I also have to take my pump off because of the high Tesla radiation exposure.

The last 2 things actually happen to me occasionally. I don’t have security issues though.

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It looks a bit clunky, so hope to hear on that too.

Caremark is a joke no matter what your prescription is and I would encourage everyone to file a complaint with your state’s Department of Health. They violate just about every Commercial Insurance and Medicare, which I have, rule. Medicare says they are aware of the illegal practices but just do not have the manpower to do anything about it. We must make noise or they will get even worse.


Oh I yelled at them and then needed a supervisor but my infusion sets are now on the way with complementary overnight shipping. All good. I don’t generally like mail order pharmacy but I’m playing by my company plan rules.

@987jaj I’ve often wondered what folks working in SCIFs have had to do…whether there was some exception or treatment possible, other than relying on MDI! As most of the security requirements haven’t advanced in donkey’s years, I presumed MDI, a pre-established basal, or on device button controlled bolus was about the limit. I used to work in those environments and presumed I was “lucky” to be dx’d late in life after retiring from those environs! I suspect I wouldn’t be on Loop or other AID system due to the RF needs which are passively or actively suppressed in many work areas and most devices depend on a cheap cell phone with camera, mic, or other RF system. Seems particularly job limiting of a wide swatch of work positions for many T1/T2s!

its the same “size” as an omnipod, but the sleeve is not something I am interested in. I will very likely not wear it that way.

The rules for SCIF & pumps are simple. There is a TINY loop hole for Bluetooth for CGM ↔ Pump, if it can be proven by manufacturer certificate & local security inspection there are no cameras or microphones on the devices. So far the only companies doing this are Tandem & Dexcom.

Omnipod, which I was wearing, will not even discuss SCIF security.

The ADA-law has a provision for security settings. So, trying to play the ADA-law card is worthless.

It is a problem area. Thankfully, the Tandem pump has a touch screen for 100% operation.