Tandem X2 Insulin Pump Resetting Randomly

In the last two weeks my tandem insulin pump has “reset” three times, twice in the middle of the night. The pump isn’t broken but it requires me to reload a cartridge and reconnect to my CGM before resuming insulin deliveries. Inconvenient at best and plain annoying to wake up to a screaming pump at 3am.

Does anyone know why this problem keeps happening? Or any suggestions for how to prevent this reset issue?

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First thing Lise @6yGodsGr is to get on the horn with Tandem.
I had the “Reset” issue with two t-Slim and Tandem replaced them, but is is a pain - all profiles need to be bulit again from scratch. The firat time it happened, I apparently “fixed” the issue before Tandem returned my call [only 20 minutes wait] by plugging in the t-Slim and holding down the power button for 45 seconds. Wait a few minutes and then turn the pump back on. The Tandem tech told me that was the “fix”, bur insisted on replacing the pump - new one arrived the following morning. May take longer for you.
Have a power cord and Windows or Mac handy in case the Rep wants to trouble shoot.

Good luck

Hi @6yGodsGr are you using T:connect? There’s a recall for a certain version that was causing resets and overuse of Bluetooth connectivity.

Also Lise @ if you are using t;Connect on an iPhone, FDA has posted users to uninstall t;Connect and then reinstall.
TThe current iPhone t;Connect has been fixed - although the “problem” had more to do with battery drain of the t-Slim.

@Dennis @joe No, I don’t have t:connect so that’s not the issue. I’ll find a time to call tandem and see what they say. Thanks!


My pump was just replaced at no charge after 3½ years. I went through the exact same thing, called Tandem…they were super nice and understanding. We went through a couple of procedures, I received another pump the very next day & returned my failing pump in the package provided.

Don’t hesitate to call!


I called tandem yesterday and they said to call again immediately if it happened so that they could run through a trouble shoot list with me. Since my pump is working fine they didn’t seem to think there was anything to worry about.
I’m not sure if it’s because my pump is working fine or if it’s because I’m in Europe (not the USA) that their approach is different. Maybe they’re more worried about people suing in the USA and are therefore less hesitant to send a replacement pump right away. Who knows. Anyways, thanks for all your responses!