Trying to gain weight as a T1D

I am trying to gain a few pounds but i noticed it is very difficult to be mindful of highs while also trying to eat enough. Any strategies you all would recommend?

Hi @BobBelcher . I can’t give you any tips but wanted to suggest you check in with your nutritionist.for some suggestions.
All the best to you!

Maybe try some dairy products like yogurt, whole milk, ice cream, etc?
I ate a lot of those post diagnosis after loosing so much weight.

Thank you! I will definitely try to include more dairy when i noticed ive lost too many pounds.

Thanks, its been a minute since i touched base with my endocrinologist or nutritionist so ill get on that!

@BobBelcher -

I know my mother drank nutritional supplement beverages like Glucerna after her diagnosis to gain weight. He doctor had her drink them between meals to boost her calorie intake. Checking with your doctor/nutritionist to see what they recommend is always your best option!

~Pam K.
T1D 58.9 years and counting!

Foods with high fat content are high in calories but do not affect glucose levels unless they also contain carbohydrates.

But, the best advice is to speak with a nutritionist rather than rely on people like me whose qualifications you do not know.

Fats can be tricky to bolus for - in my case I find my numbers are fine at first but the fats cause a delayed spike. You may need to do some trial and error to see what works for you.

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High fat foods have helped me gain some weight, however I’m not one to eat lots of fats frequently which can cause other issues. For desert I’ll sometimes whip heavy cream with 70% dark chocolate powder and stevia. Can also add strawberries or blue berries. It’s super rich and tasty.

Your recipe sounds good - I might try it! I’m a perspn who sometimes just eats a bowl of whipped cream for dessert!

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