Where to place tandem tslim x2 Infusion set

Hi everyone. How far away from my belly button is it safe to put my infusion set? I know with shots it has to be 2 inches away but nobody ever told me why. I did it 4 inches away from the inside of my belly button and thats closer than anything Ive ever done before, I normally do it 6 inches away. Also if measured from the outside of my belly button its 3.5 inches away. Im honestly not sure how far away its supposed to be from my belly button and Im a little nervous.

Hi @HisWifeTheirMama . I use Omnipod now and have worn it a couple of inches from my belly button. Same goes for X2 when I used to use it.
I did a search for Where can I wear my Tandem infusion sets? and there were several pictures of users who placed them close to the navel as well, so you should be okay where you’ve been putting it.
Don’t forget there is a number for tech support that I believe is open 24/7, so if something comes up late at night you can reach out to them. The forum is great but you may not always get the quickest response if you’re in a hurry.

The rule of thumb I’ve always heard is 2 inches. I’ve done it about 1.5 and it’s worked but I suppose it’s a little different for everyone based on body shape/fat distribution/age/etc.

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Hi Sarah,

I had to look this one up. According to Tandem, the infusion set must be at least 1 inch away from your belly button

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