Wrestling with an Omnipod 5

My son is 11 and looking at trying wrestling again. He did wrestle at age 7 with a Dexcom G6 and we had no issues. Now he also has an Omnipod 5. Any insight on how to keep it secure when wrestling?

Hi @jlhampton welcome to the forum. I looked far and wide for first hand information on pods and wrestling but I could not find anything relevant. If it was me I’d wrap the pump with some kind of tape, like if it’s on the back of my arm I’d go around my whole arm with some kind of tape. Talk to insulet, talk to the coach, hope you find something useful. If it does get ripped off you can always put another one in. If a meet happens on pod change day you could use injections for a short time too. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Aside from a tape wrap - which is probably the securest option - the only things that come to mind to cover the pod are arm bands like the ones used to hold cell phones.

If you’re going to use tape I suggest you use a shield and patch such as Simpatch. Here’s a pic of the combo with my Omnipod5:

Here’s a pic of the shield without the patch:

The Simpatch sticks to your skin and the shield but doesn’t touch the pod tape, so if the shield gets bumped it won’t pull off the pod.

Jeanna, my son is 10 and doing a wrestling camp for the first time this week. We have ordered the omnipod, but don’t have it yet. I would love to pick your brain and see your experience. I talked to his coach and he mentioned putting it on the small of the back(if we can), so it can go under the uniform. He said the arms are used so much during wrestling that it might not be the best spot.