Dexcom and Swimming

I’ve been playing water polo for about two years now, and I’ve kinda figured it out now, but I’m still curious about what y’all do for swimming and pool stuff. My Omnipod usually stays on without trouble (I just use skintac before I put it on, then slap on a simpatch), but Dex has been the real issue for me. I usually put it on my arm and use skintac, but it only lasted like 5 days, so I started using a soft-athletic tape to wrap it before I get in the water, and that works pretty good. Now dex usually lasts 8-10 days before getting ripped off.

So anyways, does any of y’all have any better ideas?

I use Dexcom simpatches. I haven’t been swimming in very long time but find they work very well overall for my purposes. Rarely do they come off before the 10 days are up.

I use sim patches. I put the patch on immediately after insertion, and it’s…. Ok? Usually dex is hanging on by a thread by day 10. Since my family does a lot of sailing, I can choose whether to swim or not which allows me to make it to the full 10 days. I have tried tape, it didn’t really work that well for me. I have yet to try skin tac, but probably will this summer.
Dexcom has a hard time staying on in repeated water submersion. It’s better than my tandem pump sites but it’s a struggle to keep that thing on.

I don’t know if this makes the difference but I place a shield between my transmitter and the Simpatch - you can see the outline of the shield in the photo I posted earlier. Then again the fact that I’m not in the pool could be what makes the difference for me, but I thought I would share.

With the G7 I have not had it come off before the 10 day period using the over-patch provided in the 3 months using it. Have not tried swimming, however I do play intense racquetball matches twice per week and sweat quite a bit doing it.

The G7 sensor has a small hole in it, i thnk to allow moisture out. Does anyone know if it’s ok to cover the whole sensor with a waterproof patch?

Good question. I’d like to know an answer on as well.

Hi @Rod . There are a few international users who may see your inquiry, but you might have to contact Dexcom support for the answer.
If you’re concerned about the transmitter slipping of the sensor I think that’s pretty unlikely if it is snapped into place securely - I don’t think it would even work if it weren’t. Of more concern would be the sensor itself coming off, and a good patch Simpatch might work. I find Simpatches great for my use but can’t vouch for them while swimming. If you wear your sensor on your upper arm some people put a sports band over it for extra protection.
If you do cover your transmitter with a patch I recommend using a shield like the one I posted above to keep the transmitter from pulling off when you remove the patch. They have them for the G7 and they’re available on Etsy and of course Amazon.

Hi @Rod the hole in the G7 is for the introducer needle extraction. It is not for moisture. You can cover it if you like but there is no need it can get wet.

Thanks @joe that makes obvious sense now you say that! :slight_smile:
@wadawabbit Dorie - thanks. the G7 is a transmitter/sensor combined unit. i was thinking more about the adhesive patch just getting really wet in a swimming pool and the whole thing falling off - I’d like to cover the whole thing witha w aterproof patch just to be sure.

Hi! Did you figure out what works to keep Dexcom on while swimming? My 9 year old is having issues keeping them on when he swim and it is extra hard now that it’s summer time and he’s in the water all the time. I’ve used Dexcom’s patches and it doesn’t seem to make it last either. Was wondering if you are using something now that works. My son uses a G6. Thank you!!

Hi. I haven’t found anything that I thought was particulalry good. Most of the patches I’ve tried are made of a material that gets wet and heavy. Is your son wearing his G6 on his arm - I wonder if cling film would work?

Do you all use the overlay patch to secure the G7 sensor?
I have never used them while using G6

I do. Dexcom sends one with each sensor. I’ve only had 1 g7 fall off and it was during the extra 12 hours after expiration.