Advice needed on CGM sensor adhesion

Hi Everybody, I’ll be starting on the Dexcom G7 and reports are that the adhesive is poor (sensors peel off before 10 days). Can those using the Dexcom (G6 or G7) opine on effectiveness of a product to use UNDER the sensor to help it stick ? I’ve heard of Skin-Prep wipes and Skin-Tac wipes - do either (or both) work to keep the sensors on ? I prefer to NOT use the Overpatch if possible.
Thanks all, Joanne

I use G6. On the app you can request free over patches. That is enough for me with normal wear, bathing etc. I’m fairly new to Dexcom so haven’t tested swimming, etc.
good luck!

These over patches are clear and not noticeable.
I’ve used SkinTac a few times and that works also. It can make the adhesive less flexible if you use too much

Hopefully you’ll get some recommendations that work if you need them. On a side note, don’t forget Dexcom.should replace a sensor if it comes off early - obviously it’s a bit of an annoyance but it’s good to have that option.

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For the record, I’ve been using the G6 for a couple of years now. I’ve never had a problem with it falling off early, and I don’t use any special skin prep or overpatches.

The people who have trouble with it falling off are far more likely to be vocal about it, but I’m not sure they’re in the majority at all. It’s definitely something to be aware of and try to be prepared for, but it’s quite possible you’ll have no trouble with the sensor adhesive as designed, without needing further support.

G7 is quite a bit smaller than g6. so there will be less tape to hold it in place, but I am going to just wait and see how many fall off. I have less than 5% of g6 fail due to tape… and when it starts to peel if I have 3-4 days left i do use overtape. the free ones dexcom gives you. so actual fails due to adhesive are less than 1 sensor per year for me. I am also very sensitive to dexcom adhesive so I try to use the least amount of skin contact possible. good luck @Jophilly

Joanne @Jophilly, I use the G6 and have never had any fall off, including time I was un the hot-tub twice every day for therapy. In the earlier G5, I had a few loosen on humid Florida days while biking for several hours for these, I used IV-Prep wipes that worked well without irritation.

What I found most helpful is proper preparation of skin before application. Preparation includes "cleaning area [NO, a shower with shampoo and most washes doesn’t count. Use plain water and sufficiently abrade the skin - I use a course towell and rub vigorously; this is included in the DexCom FAQ section.

I’ve used IV Prep pads for years for both Dexcom and infusion sets. These are wipe-on pads with normal sterilizing fluid (mostly alcohol) plus a little adhesive stuff of some kind. There’s just enough adhesive in them to make things attach firmly; I’ve never had one come off, and they almost never even start curling up at the edges. I think I’m almost the only one (except Dennis, I see) on this forum that uses them.

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I use regular IV prep pads, purchased at Costco or Walmart, that contain isopropyl alcohol to wipe the area on which I am going to attach the sensor or infusion set, wait 30 seconds for it to dry, and never have adhesion problems. That should be a good inexpensive solution if you have not been doing so. The alcohol removes skin oils that may decrease adhesion.
On the other hand, everyone’s skin is different, so you may need a more drastic solution if that has not worked for you.

Hi, if you do use a product like Skin Tac or IV Prep underneath the sensor adhesive …. When I was trained we were told not to insert the sensor probe through an area of adhesive, as it could affect the performance of the probe. We were told that if we wanted to use a product like IV Prep underneath the sensor, we should leave a little bare “island” of skin and insert the probe through the bare “island”. You may like to check with your doctor’s office or diabetes educator, but that’s what I recall from Dexcom training.

For people who are sensitive to device adhesives, I found these BarrierX underlays on Etsy. They make them for G6, G7, Omnipod and Freestyle Libre: affix the patch to your device and adhere it to your skin with your adhesive of choice.

Hi R, That makes good sense, thanks very much ! I started the first Dex 7 sensor 3 days ago without using any extra adhesive or overpatch and it’s sticking so far. I’ll keep a close eye and apply the overpatch if needed. In the summer when conditions are hot/sticky & with swimming I’ll most likely need extra adhesive. All of the online reviews of the G7 say the adhesive is lousy.
Thanks to everybody who offered advice, much appreciated !

I’m using the G7 sensor and have not had any issues with it. It comes with an adhesive over patch which I also use. Have been using this sensor for over a month.

I’ve used the G6 for years. You can get stuff to put on your skin to aid adhesion - that never worked for me. The best thing I found to do is (1) shave any hairs off, (2) give the area a good clean with isopropyl and make sure it’s completely dry before you apply the sensor and (3) use an overpatch. You could also probably consider wrapping your arm with cling film before a shower, although I put by G6 on my tummy so that wasn’t so easy. I reckon I’ve tried every overpatch on the market - the best ones in my opinion are those provided by Dexcom.
Hope this helps! I’m about to try the G7 for myself in the next few days too
Rod (UK)

Hi All, I’m back because the G7 sensors are NOT adhering. The overpatch Dexcom provides in the sensor box starts peeling off within 1-2 days- it’s apparently NOT waterproof. Any recommendations for a G7 overpatch (with a cut-out in the middle) that’s waterproof & adheres better than the one included in the box ?

I use Simpatch brand patches with my Omnipod and Dexcom G6 (pictured) and find the Dexcom patches usually stay on the entire 10 days. Yes, occasionally one does start to peel, but that’s the exception rather than the rule for me. Some brands have a variety of colors and are available with or without a strap.

Thanks Dorie, I found these for the G7 on Amazon in a nude color (my preference) but they’re awfully large…do you know if they can be cut a little smaller before applying? Or would cutting them make them harder to apply ? The free overpatches Dexcom supplies with the G7 are the perfect size, but don’t stay on more than a couple of days.

I think the reason they are so large is to give plenty of coverage if you wear a shield like the one in the picture. I don’t think it would hurt to trim them down a bit - just do it before you peel off the backing paper - I’ve forgotten to do that and it was not easy😊!
Happy holidays!

I don’t know if this helps but I use the Libre CGM sized sim patches for my tandem pump sites (I cut the hole in the middle to size) and they stay on really well. They hardly peel if I wait 24 hours before exposing the patch to water and have rubbed the patch onto my skin.