Dexcom keeps getting ripped off

I know that I’ve posted on here before about troubles of keeping Dex on for the full 10 days, but this time it’s a bit different. Recently, the sensor has been separating from the fabric, while the fabric stays on my skin. I play football (defensive end) so Dex does get a lot of contact. Currently I’ve been using a really tight shirt to keep Dex on, and it worked for a while, but not this week. I’ve lost three Dexcoms over five days.

I’ve found that superglue is good for sealing a partial seperation, but once the needles out I can’t do anything about it. I’d really appreciate any tips you might have.

Taylor @Darth_Yader, the old adage - location, Location, LOCATION - might apply here. I played my last football game more than 50 years before the Dexcom company came into existence so my response is speculation.

  • Is it possible for you to place your sensor and transmitter someplace where your pads might shield the device and not knock it off? You may need to be inventive finding a location, and there is a possibility transmission signals might be temporally impaired; a temporary loss of signal is better than no signal for 2 hours.
  • I’m assuming you are using the G6; the G7 may be easier to keep working or also try one of the Freestyle Libre.

Hi @Darth_Yader if your super glue has methyl 2-cyanoacrylate, you probably don’t want to use it on or near your skin, as it is a hazardous substance and can cause significant irritation and worse. I would suggest you overtape the heck out of it, making an edge free bandage barrier. Maybe add an elbow compression band on top of that. If your pads hit the side of the sensor they’ll eventually pull it up or cause that separation between the sensor and the tape. Good luck.

You can get free overpatches from Dexcom although I’ve found those tend to peel off and collect dirt around the edges (not nice to look at). Instead of those I use Simpatches - available in different colors on Amazon. The blue you set in my photo is a barrier I use over the Simpatch, but you may not want to use one.
I’ve heard some people find prepping the area with Skin-tac works well, as does (hold your breath😊) Pepto Bismol. I can’t vouch for any of the above with regard to football so you’ll have to experiment.
When you call Dexcom for replacements they may give you some more recommendations. Wishing you all the best in finding something!

Tip on the dexcom adhesive, sweat will cause it to loose adhesion. If you keep the white material in contact with the skin that had the adhesive on it, and I assume the CGM itself in contact with the material, a the skin dries the adhesive will bond again. I’ve had success wrapping the CGM on my arm with [3M Corban].(

For sports like football and water polo where a CGM is a target for your opponents you might want to consider the Eversense CGM that is implanted under the skin.

Someone on the forum wrote that they found their adhesive stayed in place much better if they used a credit card to smooth it out (someone please add a comment with the credit!). I have not tried that myself but I have noticed my tape sticks better the more thoroughly I press it down - otherwise lifted areas can start releasing the tape.

Building off of @Dennis Dennis’s response, here are some creative location ideas that I’ve tried or seen other people try. (FYI I’m not familiar with where football padding goes)

  • inner arm
  • back of arm
  • forearm
  • lower (or mid) back
  • upper stomach (almost over rib cage)
  • inner or outer thigh (I’ve placed my dexcom anywhere from just below my hip to a few inches above my knee with success)
  • buttocks
  • I saw a guy at the beach this summer with a CGM on his chest…? That seems a bit iffy to me

I bet if you do some experimenting you can find a “sweet spot” where your dex won’t get knocked off.

If you’re going to use super glue to repair, I wonder if applying the superglue right immediately after applying the dex would help prevent any damage? Reinforcing/protecting a strong piece of plastic vs waiting for damage to occur and trying to fix a weakened area?

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Another thought Taylor @Darth_Yader if you want to continue using your abdomen, is after applying a standard overpatch might be for you to use a wide elastic ace bandage that makes a couple of turns around your body. Using a 5 or 6 inch wide elastic bandage will require you to experiment with how tightly you wrap / stretch the bandage - tight enough to keep the device in place but not so tight as to harm you.

Me again🤪. I did a search for “Dexcom G6 arm bands” on Etsy and found a couple of items that might work. There are a number of sellers with similar items.

Ok, I have this roll of 3M tape white, perforated that I had to use to secure my Omnipod and didn’t fall off during shower, but I removed daily and applied another. Mine is 4” wide, 10 yards or so (on a roll) and the perforation is every 2”.

3M Medipore H roll


  • Made from breathable, hypoallergenic material
  • Flexible for comfort
  • Made with a strong and gentle adhesive
  • Perforated for ease of use
  • Perfect for repeat taping needs
  • Completely latex-free

You can select piece to cover Dexcom, probably one perforation piece and remove it after exercise and shower slowly and apply another piece. I was using under arm so awkward, and no issues taking it off without affecting Omnipod, not even the simpatch tape I use around Omnipod

Used tape because the weight was hurting, bad place to attach, and didn’t want to lose Omnipod

I have the same problem!!! while I am not playing football (I’m getting clothes out of the dryer), the Dex gets caught on things. My shirt when I pull it on or my towel getting out of the shower. It separates. Dexcom has been very good about replacing. I could use an over-tape, but I don’t want that many layers over my skin for 10 days.

Reguardless of the sensor \ overpatch \ dressing used, all are temporary and designed to come off.
If \ When the the edges STARTs to peel off, use what the medical pros use to reattach it.
The adhesive is Mastisol by Ferndale Labs Inc. The solvent, Detachol, works for easy removal. A small vial of each last a long time.

Been using both to keep G6 sensors going for 2 times 10 days.
My life includes heavy sweaty activities.