Gaurdian Sensors tape

Hi everyone. I have a question and need suggestions. With the gaurdian sensor the tape always lifts up, and the parts that don’t when I take it off my body it rips up the first layer of my skin off. It always leaves it red, then it scabs over nearly right after. Is there any alternate things I can use instead of that tape? Or a easier way to not ruin my skin while pulling them off?

I use Dexcom but there is a product called Simpatch that I use and it holds very well. The product and other similar ones are made for different devices so you should be able to find them for Guardian as well.
Occasionally the patch lifts a little bit but most of mine last the full 10 days of the Dexcom sensor; but I use a shield a well so the Simpatch does not pull the sensor off.

Both are available on Amazon. The patches come in packs of 25 - if you PM me your address I’d be happy to send one. I don’t think it will fit your Guardian but you could check if you’re allergic to the adhesive before buying a full pack. (Mine are bright pink and blue but other colors are available.)

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Have you tried taking your sensor off in the shower with lots of soap and water? That usually helps me when taking off pump/cgm sites. Gently pulling from the edges instead of yanking it off like a bandaid is also a lot easier on my skin.

I’ve heard of people who are super allergic to the dexcom patches and who cut a hole in the center of a patch and insert their dexcom through the hole. Maybe that could help in your case? (I’ve never tried it)

Oops! So Surry - after reading the response from @6yGodsGr I realized I had misread your question. There is a company called Diabetx that makes underpatches. Here’s one for the G6 - I found them on Etsy - I don’t see any listed for the Guardian but you could try reaching out to see if they plan to have them.

The underlays I use for exactly onto the base of the device: since no adhesive touches the skin you will need an over patch.

I use adhesive remover. I’ve tried Unisolve (amazon) which smells bad but works and am currently working my way though a box of Torbott Tacaway (amazon) which smells much less bad but comes in a ridiculous little 1x3 inch rectangle. Use either to work at the edges where the tape has lifted up and it will release the tape without pulling your skin. It does make sensor removal tedious.

I suggest talking to your doc about what is going on. Maybe there’s something that makes you top layer of skin less tough that is easy to treat.