Affordability Omnipod 5

For all TD1 living in the US with commercial insurance, there may be a financial assistance from Omnipod to use the Omnipod 5. Excluded are patients with Medicare unfortunately, and Medicaid for obvious reasons on the latter. My Walmart pharmacist gave me my copay amount of my next refill for the pods and recommended that I should contact manufacturer and ask for a coupon. She provided an 800 number I didn’t have and after contacting manufacturer and answering a couple of easy questions I was told I would be receiving a reusable coupon lowering my copay $100 every month!

I asked at the beginning considering Omnipod and was never told by dr or the trainer about any $ saving coupons. I almost stopped Omnipod 5 and switch to injections due to cost. Try calling 8005913455 to see if you can get some financial assistance through a reusable coupon.