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Hello Im type 1 diabetic! Ive had diabetes since 2012. I no long have health coverage. They say my husband and i “make too much money” we cant afford insurance that isn’t the states insurance and they wont let me have it back. Im so worried. I dont know what to do. I cant afford to get my omnipod dash pods or insulin. Ive got a few pens left to hold me for awhile but ive already been admitted to the hospital for dka about 2 months ago. Im not sure what to do to be able to get my supplies. The omnipod dash was really helping me as i have a very busy daily life. (Work and 2 kiddos) it was helping me stay on track of my diabetes! Now im stuck and worried i will be back in the hospital again. :frowning: ( i dont know if im allowed, but heres my number for texting 812-650-6905)

Hi Cheyenne @CheyLayne! I’m surprised your hospital didn’t help you with insulin. I don’t have any insurance and, when I was diagnosed, the hospital assigned me a case worker. The case worker submitted paperwork to the insulin companies in order for me to get my insulin for free. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about the free insulin programs provided by the insulin manufacturers. Your Pods probably won’t be free, but I homeschool multiple kids with my youngest being 4 and I do fine in a Libre and MDI.

My doctor wont or cant fill out the paper work for Lilly until i have an appointment with him. But ive got to pay out of pocket for the visit and my doctor is 45 mins from me. The hospital provided me with a months worth of insulin but that was all unfortunately. Right now im just running on what ive got until its gone unfortunately. Trying to figure something out.
My set up was the dexcom g6 and omnipod dash. Thats the best set up that works for me, i had a lot of issues with the libre.

Recently someone posted about resources for Omnipod - they were referring to the 5 but they might apply to others as well.

Here’s a link to info about purchasing insulin for $35.00. I’m not sure if that covers all types but it’s worth looking into.

GoodRx is a good resource for pricing medications and certain devices in your area.

Compare the cost of pens vs vials - the vials seen to be cheaper based on a couple of quick searches I did. There are coupons for some products, but my pharmacist has occasionally found even better ones so be sure to ask.

Have you checked your insurance marketplace? I’m not sure but you may be able to find more affordable pricing than you would by calling an insurer directly.

All the best to you and please keep us posted. :heart:


#1 need insulin. Do you have a prescription with refills remailing? Which insulin? Lily will let you download the $35 coupon/card, no doctor action required. Lilly Insulin Value Program | Lilly Insulin Affordability
#2 need to take the insulin: Do you have a month of pods left? If not do you have a long acting insulin? Sure the pump is better but we can help you get by on MDI. Which means how is your backup supply of syringes or pen needles?
#3 If your prescriptions have refills remaining you can skip 3. That was easy? If you need prescriptions then you need to see the doc. Are you seeing an Endo or a Primary Care doc? If an Endo, call your primary care doc’s office, explain the problem and ask for one month prescriptions to get you by until you see the endo. If the one and only doc insists on seeing you convert the supplies you have remaining into how many days they’ll last. In writing via a patent portal or by mail explain your supplies run out X days before your appointment is scheduled and please write prescriptions to get you by till the appointment.
#4 Insurance: You said you make too much so I’m assuming you were on Medicaid? When does the letter say coverage ends? Should be a date in the future. Indiana medicaid income limit is 3450/month ( 41,400/year) for a family of 4. Are you actually making that much and if not, appeal. If you are then you need to buy a plan from work or https://www.healthcare.gov/ If your household income is less than 75,000 a silver level plan could be free for you.

You got this.


You can get Lantus pens for cheap by going through the BSCA Lantus savings program. I was getting prescriptions for between $8-$10. They will text you a secondary insurance ID to give to your pharmacist.

I can mail you a G6 sensor and transmitter if it will help you. Be sure to tag me in your post as I’m not regularly on here.

Keep looking into the options posted above and hopefully they will help you figure this out soon. And keep asking for help if you get stuck. We are here for you!

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A doctor of mine gave me a bottle once. Will yours give you a bottle to last until you’re able to have the appointment?
What type of insulin do you use? I have some unopened pens in my fridge that typically go to waste (I keep them as backup but fill my pump with a viial)? TBH I need to see what I have left and check the expiration dates. We’re we’re having issues with ice and snow in my area so it might be a few days before I could mail them but I’m happy to help if can.

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I will have to check into that!
Lilly said they can give me free insulin for a year i just have to get my doctor to do the paperwork!
Yes the g6 would help a lot ! I would really appreciate that!
Thank you for all the support as well!

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Ive asked my endo before if they have any to help with and they dont :frowning:
I take admelog and basaglar!

I will have to check how many refills ive got left, i take admelog and basaglar.
Im completely out of pods, i lost my insurance Nov. 1st.
I have a box on pen needles left and ive been using what insulin ive got. I have a couple pens of basaglar but they are expired so im not sure how effective they have been.
I dont have a Primary care doctor ive only got an endo.
My husband and i do make over the 3450 limit for income. We were on medicaid yes. When i got put in the hospital a little while back they got the insurance back for us but it was only for a month and then they took it again.
And yes our insurance ended Nov 1st.
I was able to get insurance back for the kiddos but not us.

I was scrolling through another post and found this. Three link is from a couple of years ago but the ideas might be worth checking out.

@CheyLayne, Ok. DM me your info and will mail the unopened G6 sensor and transmitter to you.

Recommend calling your local Dexcom sales rep and your Endo for sample G6 sensors. Usually they will have some available. But hurry as they are trying to move everyone to G7 fast and might not be refilling G6 samples. I’d also ask them for G7 samples as well (they don’t require the separate transmitter) and can use them just as well.

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Okay! I will check that out as well!
Are you able to text me ? It wont let me message people yet. 812 650 6905

The admelog savings card application is here: Savings Registration | Sanofi Patient Connection® Their free insulin program requires the doc to do paperwork like Lilly’s.

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Depending on which insulin you are using, the company that makes the insulin may have a copay savings plan. For example, for short acting insulins - both Novolog and Apidra have copay savings plans (Humalog does not, but they do have a patient assistance program, which I’ve included a link for below).

Some drug companies offer pharmaceutical assistance programs. The programs are typically for people with diabetes who have little or no insurance to help offset the cost of supplies or prescription medications. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers a point of access to hundreds of assistance programs that have joined together to provide savings to the uninsured. To learn more about these programs, visit the Partnership for Prescription Assistance website or call 1-888-477-2669.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have created the Together Rx Access Card to help people gain access to savings on prescription products. The Together RxAccess Card offers 25 to 40 percent off brand-name prescription medications at pharmacies nationwide. To learn more about the card, visit theTogether Rx AccessCard website or call 1-800-444-4106.

Check out the app GoodRx. They also have a website which you can access at http://www.goodrx.com/. The site/app basically lets you find the least expensive location to purchase medications around you - I am always surprised by the variability!

Needy Meds is a non-profit organization that provides information about patient assistance programs to help people who cannot afford medicine or healthcare costs. Needy Meds provides a database of clinics that offer healthcare at no cost, for a small fee, or on a sliding scale. To learn more about the Needy Meds, please visit the Needy Meds website.

A number of national drug store and pharmacy chains also have their own prescription programs to help customers save money on certain medications. Stores with these programs include Costco, CVS, K-mart, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, and others. Speak with your pharmacist at any of these stores for details

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@spdif i got it filled out! Does everywhere accept it ? Do i still need a prescription for it?

Hi @CheyLayne . I’m so glad you got the paperwork completed! I’m not sure which papers you are referring to but chances are you will still need an Rx. There should be some instructions buried in the package.

Hi Cheyenne, how are you holding up?

Did your endo fill out the Sanofi and Lily free insulin program forms or are we talking about something else?

Fun fact: Insulin is not a prescription drug. The only reason we all get a prescription for insulin is so we don’t have to pay the pharmacy crazy cash price.

lets be careful Chris @spdif REGULAR insulin is a legacy and does not require a prescription if you are not going through insurance. NPH is a legacy and, similarly, does not require a prescription, Humalog, Novolog, Insulin Lispro (humalog unbranded) and many other are in fact Rx ONLY meaning you cannot purchase them with cash or through insurance without doctor authorization (a prescription). They are clearly marked Rx ONLY on the bottles.Per CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 - FDA

I got the discount insulin form filled out, the one that isnt over $35.

My doctor wont fill out the other things until ive seen him in office, but i have to pay out of pocket for the visit