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Hello Im type 1 diabetic! Ive had diabetes since 2012. I no long have health coverage. They say my husband and i “make too much money” we cant afford insurance that isn’t the states insurance and they wont let me have it back. Im so worried. I dont know what to do. I cant afford to get my omnipod dash pods or insulin. Ive got a few pens left to hold me for awhile but ive already been admitted to the hospital for dka about 2 months ago. Im not sure what to do to be able to get my supplies. The omnipod dash was really helping me as i have a very busy daily life. (Work and 2 kiddos) it was helping me stay on track of my diabetes! Now im stuck and worried i will be back in the hospital again. :frowning: ( i dont know if im allowed, but heres my number for texting 812-650-6905)

Im sorry I’m new to this! How do i message you?

I can leave my phone number here if it will let me and you can text me if you could ? 812-650-6905

@CheyLayne Welcome Cheyenne to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum.

You can private any member by clicking on the icon to the left of a member’s name and then selecting “message” in the upper right.

The Lily Company in Indianapolis can provide you with insulin at heavily discounted cost.

Good luck in your search.

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@Dennis is right for regular members. New members do not have access to Private message.

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Thank you for the info! How long do i need to be a memeber before i can message ?

@CheyLayne It generally takes a couple of days to a week. Please be aware, no one can send you insulin, or pods, or anything that requires a prescription. (legally, in the USA). there are a lot of good suggestions above, and in your other thread.

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Hi CheyLayne- Use this link to see if you qualify for financial assistance with Omnipod. In another recent post a woman’s cost for a 3-month supply of Omnipod 5 pods was drastically reduced.

Financial Assistance Program | Insulin Pump Therapy | Omnipod

The insulin manufacturers (Lily, Novo Nordisk, etc.) also offer vouchers or savings cards to drastically reduce the costs for insulin for those who qualify, let me know if you need help finding contact information for them and good luck !!

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