Aspart reaction

Ive been using Novolog since 2016 and aspart since 2021. I think. Recently my omnipod sights have red area out in front of the catheter area. Whenever I take a meal bolus sugars run high. If I dont eat things seem stable on auto basel. Spontaneously after high sugar and long periods upto 2hours of pod suspending insulin delivery I have dangerous lows. I picked up a self pay vial of lispro yesterday. Thinking Im having a reaction to Aspart. My CGM never has this wierd red spot. Anyone else have similar issue?

It is possible to develop an allergy to something you’re used to using - that would be my guess, since the red area is in the “line of fire” of the cannula. When I have heard of allergic reactions to insulin I’ve only read about redness and maybe swelling around the site, not issues with the numbers - which is not to say there weren’t any. I suggest you report the issue to your doctor. S/he might have you try another bottle to see if you get the same response. If not, let the pharmacy know - there could be an issue with the batch.

PS - if you had to deactivate a pod early, don’t forget to call for a replacement.

Thank you, I appreciate your response. I will call omnipod about replacements. I didn’t even think of that. I have changed bottles of aspart. But, still happened. So, my doctor gave me a script for lispro. I will start a new pump to today with that. Fingers crossed it works.

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I’m not doubting that you are having some kind of reaction. But there is not any difference in formulation between Aspart produced by Novo Nordisk and Novolog; Novolog is the registered Trademark for the Aspart Insulin developed by Novo Nordisk. Just different labels.

It is possible to develop a reaction to an insulin (or any drug) even after using that formulation for years; it may be due to some change in your body - even as simple as ageing. I think your doctor is helping your discovery effort by prescribing Insulin Lispro - the insulin Lilly trademarked as Humalog in 1996.

Thank Dennis, yes I’m hoping this will help.

I’m trying to figure if I can use Asparte in my Medtronic 780. My insurance no longer covers Novolog. I don’t mind, but is it allowed? My manual says Novolog or Humalog only. My insurance just accidentally hung up on me.

Hi @HighHopes . Call Medtronic or check their website regarding whether the insulin works with your pump - that information comes from the manufacturer, not insurance.
Patients may get overrides if they cannot take the medication the insurance wants them to use - or in this case if the insulin isn’t compatible with the pump. That’s happened to me and my doctor got an override - your doctor should know how to go about it.

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Dee @HighHopes, Novolog is Aspart.
Novolog is just the fancy marketing and brand copyright name Novo Nordisk uses for the Aspart it invented.
Also Dee, the compatible insulin approved for insulin pumps according to food & drug includes Ultra-Rapid acting insulin formulations for people who understand how to use insulin properly - as attested by a physician written prescription.


Thanks everyone! I’ll give it a try.

As is so often the case @Dennis got to the heart of the matter and hit the naul on the head (and perhaps some other metaphors as well). But overrides are a possibility if you ever are in a position where you need one. In that instance you personally will have no sway with insurance so don’t even go there - inform your doctor instead.

My endo has sent something to my insurance company. We’ll see what happens,