Fiasp problem

My doc switched me from Novolog to fiasp, I use a Medtronic pump, and it was a disaster, Never felt such anxiety, got nauseous, couldn’t eat. BS went way high, just didn’t work. Went back to Novolog and recovered.
Anyone else have an issue?

Hi @garylundin . I haven’t had that issue myself but some people are in fact allergic to certain insulins.
If your insurance ever changes to Fiasp as their preferred formulary don’t panic - you should be able to get an exemption to continue using the one that works for you. That’s not something you do yourself - your doctor must submit the request - they should know how to do it.

Gary @garylundin, FIASP is an ultrarapid-acting version of Aspart made with the same ingredients as its sister Aspart, rapid-acting Novolog. So, an allergic reaction is unlikely to be an issue.

I used FIASP in a MiniMed [the brand name of all pumps distributed by Medtronic] and did not have any issues owing to the fact I had created a Pattern that might hopefully allow for the very short duration of bolus before peak was reached and the overall shorter duration of the ultra-rapid formulation. I trust that, before using, you read [and didn’t assume that your doctor had read] the insert packaged with the Fiasp and looked closely at the graphs and attempted to make Pattern adjustments. Bottom line for me, I returned to Novolog where my overall management was more effective and my comfort level was improved - for me, fewer steep BGL declines.

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