Did anyone attend TypeOneNation summit on Nov 2, 2019

The Summit was fabulous! We learned a lot.
Learned a lot about new products, new research, looping, etc.
So far, I can’t find anyone posting anything anywhere online.
It would be fun to have some discussions with people that attended.
I saw a photographer there, does anyone know what he does with those photos?

You mean the one today in Cincinnati? It was great!!! So much great information!

Nope it was Sat Nov 2nd in Redmond, WA.

Attended a JDRF Summit years ago, very helpful.
The photographer at ours was taking so many pictures, we ended up asking him to stop as it was distracting. He said the pictures were for publicity but we never saw them. If you ever do find out what they do with all the pictures, it would be good to know. Thanks.