G7 bluetooth ID

Hi all
Does anyone know if there’s a way to tell the bluetooth ID of the active G7 sensor. I could wait until it’s finished and just delete them all from my BT list, but I usually forget to do that and I have lots of BT IDs.
I can’t find any markings on the G7 container or in the app (I’m suing IOS).

I use the G7. I looked at my BT connections on my phone, and I, too, have a long list of Dexcom sensors. What I will do prior to applying my next sensor, I will go to the BT list of connections and write down the top 5 and the bottom 5 sensors, and apply the new sensor. Iif a new sensor shows up at the top or bottom, I know I can delete the rest fo the sensors. By looking at the list and seeing where the new sensor shows up, I’ll know which is the active sensor in the future.

Ther’s no indication of the BT ID on the box.

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Hi @Rod. Sorry, there is no easy way to get the id name. the transmitter Bluetooth id is random. I put my new g7 on after my current sensor is in the 12 hour grace period. I do not pair it for at least 30 minutes. When I’m ready to pair, I go to Bluetooth settings and delete every single dexcom transmitter in my phone there. Then I go to the dexcom app and end the current session. Only then I pair my new one. When the new one pairs the warmup already expired so I’m getting readings from go, with no gap. Easy peasy.

Thanks @joe , I was guessing that’s the only way to do it.

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Not familiar with iOS since I only do Android but for us it’s in the Connected Devices in Settings. Click the Device and all it’s data is there.

Dexcom sensor connects to bluetooth every 5 min for readings. When it’s not connected it looks like every other “not connected” device in settings —> bluetooth. You can find the every 5 min connection interval in your Dexcom app. A minute before the next reading watch your “my devices” list in settings —> bluetooth to see the one that goes from “not connected” to “connected”. Then delete all the other ones.

I think there may be a way now to determine which of that list of “Dexcom” numbers on your iPhone is the active one…but I think it’s fairly new. I keep a dated record of transmitter IDs in a small notebook. The number from my previous transmitter ended in “A8”. When I look at the list of BT numbers in my phone, there IS one that ends in “A8”. My current transmitter number ends in “K7” according to my notebook. Sho’ nuf, in the phone’s list there’s a number that ends in “K7”! So I’m sure the item “DexcomK7” is my current transmitter, though I’m a bit reluctant to delete it to be sure (though I suppose I could pair them up again, but I’m not THAT crazy!).
Would someone else check this out for me? I suppose no one else bothers to record the number from the transmitter box the way I do, so maybe this will take some time :slight_smile: but it would be worth it. I won’t be changing transmitters for another couple weeks+, but you can be sure I’ll check the ID in my phone as soon as I do!

I still use the G6 but was unpairing some BT devices including three or four Dexcom’s. Of course I got a “list connection” message (or something of the sort), paired again, and only one comes up. I checked my transmitter ID and the last two digits match the one on my Bluetooth list! Thanks for the tip!

It’s deffo easier with the G6 as part of the bluetooth ID is stamped on the transmitter. The G7 has nothing at all printed on it, or on the box that is even similar to the BT ID. I put on a new sensor yesterday and when the current session finished I just deleted all the BT connections before I paired a new one, and that worked fine. The G6 transmitter stays on for 3 months so the list isn’t as big, but the G7 has a new BTID every 10 days so the list of IDs is longer.

That makes sense. I forgot that each G7 has it’s own transmitter - although in doing my “cleanup” I did remove what turned out to be two or three G6 holdovers (I had always wondered what those were!)
I’m looking forward to the G7 once it’s approved for Omnipod.