Dexcom 7 Direct to watch

This past week I saw an update in Dexcom to pair my G7 directly to my watch. My first reaction was “no thanks” because I was afraid I’d have to disconnect my phone and I like the phone connection because the phone uploads CGM data to Clarity and the watch does not.

After a brief search, apparently there are enough Bluetooth connections to pair G7 with Tandem, my phone, and my watch at the same time.

The watch connects fine and I was happy to find that the watch also uses the phone as a backup, so if the watch can’t “see” G7 but it can talk to the phone, it gets data that way. (Watch on charger, me in the kitchen with my phone for example)

The watch connection allows me to see G7 at times I don’t have my phone (rare) for example jet skiing or paddle boarding where I’d normally keep my phone on land.

So far it’s fine and seems to work great. Dexcom is only supporting iPhone and Apple Watch for now :shamrock::peace_symbol:


@Joe and others: I, too, recently turned on Dexcom’s “direct to watch” feature. Since doing it, I’ve also noticed my watch runs out of batter about 2 hours before I normally head to bed and put the watch on a charger. Anyone else notice similar? It’s not a terrible inconvenience, just a little jarring as I used to have battery to spare at the end of the day. I haven’t changed the time I get up and put the watch on.

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hi @Tlholz I haven’t noticed a big difference - but I have very little reserve at 24 hours (I charge in the morning).

FDA 510(k) Decision Summary Dexcom G7 Direct to Watch

Dexcom bundles the watch app with the G7 iOS app. The current G7 app requires watchOS 9.1 or above. That’ll work on an Apple Watch 4 or newer, including the SE.

Off topic: The FDA released new cybersecurity guidance for medical devices in 2023, long after the G7 was submitted for review. Dexcom checked all the 2023 cybersecurity guidance requirements boxes as part of the direct to watch submission. Yay!

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Yes, the G7 easily connects to iPhone directly but not yet to Android.
I had the G6 app installed on my Galaxy6 Watch with good results and without battery drain, but for G7 I need have a widget on the face for the glucose reading.
What I like about the widget, is that in addition to an arrow, the watch displays the mg/dl shift since last reading.

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hi @spdif Dexcom may have updated the compatibility since the last news release - Dexcom 7 direct to watch requires an Apple Watch 6 or newer, running watchOS 10, and a phone running iOS 17