Widget support in latest Dexcom G7 App

Received an email today that the updated G7 app on iOS supports widgets on lock & home screen’s. I was looking forward to being able to look at my locked iPhone and see my BG reading, however their marketing team got a bit ahead of themselves in pre-announcing this feature. The widget on my home screen works great, but only saves you the time to hit the G7 app button. I spoke to their engineering team and they will let me know when they expect to have support widgets on the lock screen. Will provide that update here.

Dexcon said they are working to update social media that Lock Screen widget is not available. Their tier1 support is saying they are working on this but are not giving an update on timing. Hoping it comes soon as would be nice to see BG reading without having to unlock phone.

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At the risk of drifting off topic - if you wear an Apple watch do you use it to check your readings? I find mine sometimes differ from my Dexcom, although not by very much: I imagine there’s a delay in updating the numbers, even though my phone (receiver) is only a couple of feet away. Have you experienced this?

I don’t have an Apple watch so unfortunately can’t test that out for you. Similar to how you can have others get your readings on their phone app I would think the watch gets data from the Dexcom sharing site. This could be where the delay is coming from.

@gmershon @wadawabbit an Apple Watch gets the data from the phone over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular data depending on the version and how far the phone and watch are away from each other, the phone gets the data from the transmitter via Bluetooth only… The delay happens because low power Bluetooth doesn’t update continuously.

@joe and @gmershon thank you both. I appreciate the information.